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What online gambling websites are safe, legal, and not rigged in any way?

I want to play black jack online. I want to play for real money, but I am skeptical about pretty much every online gambling site out there. Does anyone know a website that is legitimate and won't rip you off in any way? I'm in california, is it legal and safe? Any tips of suggestions would help.

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    Personally, I like Bodog.com and Pantasia.com. Both sites have a nice assortment of 3rd Party games (including Blackjack, with a couple variants) and Welcome US players. You do have to use a site like Ewallet to make a deposit (which can take a few days to clear from your bank account and has limits for the amount you can deposit each month...gone are the days of quick, easy deposits, which I guess might be a good thing, since it is all to easy to clean your account in the heat of the moment...hehe) Anyway, sign up for an account at either of the above, go to the cashier on the casino site, and it will have deposit options. Good luck, and win big!

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    Safe Online Casino

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    What online gambling websites are safe, legal, and not rigged in any way?

    There are hundreds of online casinos, its very hard to find a good one,

    take a look at the gambling safe reviews of online casinos on search engines like google. I play

    here --> Winward Casino http://bit.ly/1St6KRW

    and here --> Bovada http://bit.ly/2iB5u5z

    But it's your choice...

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    You want a place that is "legitimate and won't rip you off in any way".

    It's really tough to know just what you mean. What if this casino PROMISED you that as long as you played Blackjack for a few months in a row, you were GUARANTEED to LOSE money!

    That would be as legitimate and honest as possible. Believe it or not, if you ask them, these casinos will admit that very thing to you! Someone posted an actual e-mail letter they received from an on-line casino a while back. They were complaining that they never were able to win at the casino. I don't remember what the letter said, but it was something like this:

    "We hope that you have been enjoying your time playing at our casino. Our main purpose is to provide you with entertainment. Our games are set up in a fair manner, but they are favored to make money for the casino. If you continue to play, we hope you are getting value for the entertainment we are providing."

    Again - I really don't remember the e-mail exactly, but it really did go something like that!!!

    These casinos were made for ONE REASON - to TAKE your money! If you don't mind that fact, and it's worth it to you for the "entertainment" value that you get from playing and paying, then go for it! Most of the casinos out there are not rigged.

    Why aren't they rigged? Because they don't have to be! The games are set up so that the casino will ALWAYS get your money in the long run.

    If the casino always getting your money sounds "rigged" to you, then you just don't understand the purpose of casinos yet. You will learn.

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    I can recommend you good safe online gambling sites. You can for sure win some good money - I recommend:

    Club World Casinos Http://Bit.do/gyx3



    Trust me - these are very safe and trusted online gaming sites that accepts US players. I have been playing there for a while and stuff and people there are very nice and friendly and I won few thousands as well.

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    Hi. Try these casinos

    betting - http://bit.do/Bovada-Bet

    slot machines - http://bit.ly/1St6KRW (Winward Casino)

    bingo - https://shrinke.im/2h60G (Vic's bingo)

    poker - ignitioncasino - http://bit.ly/2e06vn0

    Good luck

    What online gambling websites are safe, legal, and not rigged in any way?

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