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Is facebook down today, 7/3/10?

i can not access facebook. I was playing an app and then all of a sudden it froze. I refreshed and its never let me back on. It has been over 1 hour now, started around 5 pm cst. Has anyone else had an issue????


have restarted computer, cleared all of everything cache, etc. still getting the "internet explorer can not display this webpage" diagnose problem, i did so, says it is the host domain, which i believe is facebook.com, no? i have also checked downrightnow.com and it shows facebook having a widespread outage as of around 1 hour ago. both computers in my home are getting same msg on facebookcom

Update 2:

im glad its not just me, i am in the central part of the US. other reports i have read are saying it is an outage, but gives no other info at all. FB has not made a statement yet. ty for all the answers!

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    no it is fine and not slow for once

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    Cant seem to connect to facebook in northeast US either. Did a https connection through a proxy and had no problems. So unless the outage is region based (servers are down in certain areas), I can't think of anything else besides them rejecting connections based on ip ranges. So the real question is, are some able to connect in regions where others are not? If so, its not server based; otherwise they are obviously having server problems.

    Edit: After logging in again by a remote proxy, I checked up on others who live in my area. About 10 others have recently been online within 5 miles of me. Kind of weird but I'll give it a few more hours to clear up before jumping to conclusions.

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    I have a Mac, and I never have problems. So... it's Facebook, not your computers. I guess there's an update or something, and since they have a slew of servers, not all are affected at the same time. That's why some people aren't having problems... yet. Be patient, go talk to a human, in person, maybe kiss somebody, all will be well.

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    I live on the east coast of the United States and it has been down on my computer since around 5 p.m. i have tried getting on on google chrome IE and firefox. I have restarted my pc twice and scanned it with Mcafee, Malwarebytes, and Microsoft Removal Tool (MRT) and have found no viruses so i think they are just doing an update on something right now and it's affecting the east coast

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    Yes, had same issue since this afternoon. Am glad to know that I'm not only one. I assumed it had to do with the servers being overloaded for the holiday weekend, but I guess we'll find out sooner or later. In the meantime, curl up with a good book, have a conversation with other people. You might find you like it. :)

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    Same happened here, app was chugging, then got bounced out. In Northeast PA. Using Blue Ridge Cable, broadband, and PTD. Getting "Cannot display webpage". Since about 5 pm EST. I find it odd that there isn't more buzz about it when "facebook down" is googled. (or yahood, LOL)

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    It's not working for me either, I've tried using several browsers on various computers it's been out since 5:00 pm ET. I found this website that tells the story http://downrightnow.com/facebook

    Strangely I can on if I use (a) tethering program - tether.com through my blackberry storm!

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    i will't get on facebook on my computing gadget nor my telephone, and that i attempted to ascertain the status of the server even though it became into in the time of the facebook internet site so i could no longer... it style of feels to be down in each and every u . s . a ., and that i'm from DUBAI (UAE) via the way, I doubt it would be down on a worldwide scale without notice purely for upkeep, my ultimate guess is nameless :P

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    It seems that way. It's 11:20 in the east coast and I have been trying for 2 hours

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    Mine is still not working and i've tried to get on since earlier this evening around 5ish as well...driving me crazy that it's been down for so long, i may need facebook addicts anonymous, this is killing me! I also tried getting on using different browsers and google but failed miserably :( Why wouldn't they give us notice this was going to happen if they knew they were changing the layout or whatevs?

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    There is currently a problem with facebook on the east coast of north america. There is no indication of when the problem will be fixed. There is also no indication of whether or not facebook is having technical difficulties, or if they are changing the layout.

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