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Abiotic and biotic relationships and examples of victorian alpine?

Im doing a major research project on natural environment. Iv chosen alpine.

I need 3 abiotic and biotic relationships and examples related to australian alpine environment. If anyone could help that would be great as im not to sure what abiotic and biotic refer to. Yes i have researched it and know that one is like the living things fauna And flora and the other is like weather and climate changes but i need some help getting my head around it any help would be much appreciated.

thank you

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    Yup, BIOTIC factors are the living parts of an ecosystem while ABIOTIC factors are the non-living parts of an ecosystem and where never living. Some examples of biotic relationships are:

    1. Animals like koalas climb into the trees to escape a fire

    2. The fires kill some alpine ash trees, but triggers the release of seeds that grow into new trees

    3. Sometimes the animals of the australian alpine live under blankets of snow to stay warm

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