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My girlfriend passed out during sex and she's mad that I kept going?

My roommates and I threw a party in our house a couple nights ago where my girlfriend of two years and I both got drunk. At the end of the night, she and I went to my bedroom and began having sex. However, she was really drunk and passed out in the middle of it. I noticed she was out, but proceeded to finish, anyway. The next morning, when I told her I was a little upset with her for falling asleep, it came up that I continued even after I knew she had passed out. She's now mad at me and thinks what I did was "really messed up." Honestly, I'm not a sick or twisted guy, but I don't know what I did wrong. Was it bad of me to keep going? I mean, in my defense, she fell asleep DURING intercourse which she consented to; I would never begin to have sex with her if she was already passed out. I was just wondering if what I did was really wrong or if it was understandable? Thanks for your input.

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    you mean your Boyfriend !!!!

    Your Disgusting and selfish !!!

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    Kinda depends when exactly she fell asleep....were you right near your peak? then its like, whatever. or did you have more to go?

    LOL, who falls asleep during that?

    well, just apologize anywayz, because im a girl and i know that she wants u to be a gentleman and not an *** and just apologize. unless you want her to hate you forever and breakup/ get closer to breaking up.

    girls are different than dudes... u can stand ur ground and be stubborn with dudes, but for girls, its totally different, espeically when sex is the topic.

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    You did nothing wrong.

    You know what she's pissed about?

    She doesn't remember any of it and any dude or every dude in that house could have phucked her brains out that night and she wouldn't have known the difference.

    You scared her when you told her that because anyone could have phucked her and she wouldn't have known it.

    She should just be thankful that she can trust you and that you didn't offer every guy there a piece of it (hey, she was drunk and passed out and wouldn't have known the difference)

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    Yes. Despite the fact it was consensual while she was awake, any action (unless for the sake of seeking emergency medical attention--and, no, curing your "problem" doesn't count) while one is unconscious and unable to make decisions automatically makes the agreement null and void. If she gets upset enough about it, she could legally charge you with rape.

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    Dude Im sorry, but that is so freakin funny! Lmao exactly she did fall asleep. Stand your ground dude!

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    Are u ******* kidding me?!! That was a really ****** up thing to do ********! That's actually classified as rape and ur lucky she didn't get really pissed off and press charges. I can totally understand why she's pissed. If a guy did this to me I'd ******* castrate him. You need to apologize like right now! I can understand why u were confused but she was UNCONSCIOUS! I really hate that kinda thing and it always pisses me off when ppl act like it's nothing. It's actually a really big deal!

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    Dude, that's messed up. You should've gone and masturbated or something if you needed to finish.

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    It's up to her, really. I wouldn't mind but that doesn't go for every woman.

    Legally? It's probably bad.

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    you should have stopped, its a little weird to bang a chick whos unconcious.

    even if she lost conciousness during sex.

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    I think thats a laugh riot, bet if you got whiskey dick mid plug, she'd go finish up, esp if she was drunk

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    i dont think its that wrong. its not like she said btw if i fall asleep stop. a little weird but not completely wrong.

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