Is this a video of a real rape of a Japanese school girl?

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Warning, it's very graphic. I'm not sure if it's real. But the girl starts to cry at around 5:52. If it's real, who do I alert? more
Update : @PRINCESS: I was watching porn on a flash site, a video of a very busty more
Update 2: @Ben, Adam and Golden: Thanks for your answers, I think you're right more
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I would have to say its fake. Japanese men are really into young girls and they like to watch staged rape sense for some of the more had core addicts.If it was real the cops would be knocking on their door.
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  • that girl is hotter than you answered 4 years ago
    haha at first i didn't want to go since it could be illegal from the way you described it but seeing other answers made me go so i guess its fake cus who would fking kiss and take time licking the nipbles of a random girl in a the middle of a street and suddenly there is noone around


    fake but good actor
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  • Adam B answered 4 years ago
    It is obvious in the first 10 seconds this is fake. She doesn't even look at the guy with the camera as she walks by...
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  • Ben answered 4 years ago
    Some rape scenes are played out with good actors, believe it or not some people have a fetish for this. I'm not going to watch that video, but if you fear it is something illegal then contact your local police and ask them if they wish to handle it.
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  • MAD DOG answered 4 years ago
    !! FAKE !!

    Honestly, though, I think this is a total turn off and she is a hotty!
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  • PRINCESS answered 4 years ago
    Why are you watching that video in the first place?
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