Manual saab 95 gearbox problem?

Hi there

I hope I can get some idea of what happened to my car.

It has been a little difficult to change to 2nd gear for the last 2 year, did not really pay attention to it and now looks like it all comes back to me. When I changed to 2nd gear sometimes the gear change lever would jump out when I release clutch, so I have to push it back again. Sometimes I just have to push a little bit hard, this only happens when I change to 2nd gear.

today on my way back home it happened again so I just tried to push it back to 2nd gear, but it is more difficult than usually, finally I pushed it back (no noise, nothing strange) but it is not the 2nd gear.

Looks like now, both 1st and 2nd gear are gone, when I change to first gear, it is actually the 3rd, and the position of 2nd gear is actually the 4th. it still drives OK on 3rd, 4th and reverse gear, no noise, but of course it is hard to start on 3rd gear.

I don't think this is a big problem, I am guess something is out of position so the position of all the gear been shifted to left side. The lever is also been pushed to left side when it is on null position,

anyone has any idea ? or know some good trustworthy gearbox specialist around southeaster Melbourne area ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you has seriously problem,buy s-hand gbox becouse fix yours is too expensive,you need to change g-box

  • 4 years ago

    My gearbox on my SAAB 1995 900 went out going for the duration of the Rocky Mountains....thankfully there became a broker approximately thirty miles away and that i became towed there. area got here interior right here day. I actually have a familiar 5 velocity. It became 500 money back in 2000. I had some extra miles...80,000. Sorry

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