About a memorial tattoo idea?

My infant son passed away 4 weeks ago, in his sleep, at 10 weeks of age. Its being called a SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Now, i want to get a tattoo to honour my beautiful baby boy. I am planning on using one of the photos of him to do an outline of his hand, to put over my heart, so he always has a hand on my heart. I dont want the hand to be too detailed, literally just an outline, with some shading, but i would like to add something else, im just not sure what.

However, i dont want angel wings.

He wasnt old enough yet for me to associate much with him, except he loved his baths, had just started smiling the week before, and 2 days before the horrible day, i found his ticklish spot, so he started laughing.

I was thinking of putting a rising sun behind his hand, with his name underneath, because every day that the sun rises, its just not the same without him, but i would like to hear any other suggestions of what you think might also suit.


i do also have tattoos with my other 3 sons names, with seahorses, but it just doesnt go together. Maybe a wreath of flowers around the hand?

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    How about a splashing water drop (to thematically go with the seahorses, since he liked his baths) with the rising sun?

    It would also represent two of the four spiritual elements (wind, water, air, fire).

    Here are some photographic examples:


    So sorry for your loss.

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    5 years ago

    I like the idea of the dove because it represents peace which is what most people strive for, but I would also try to incorporate the traditional flag/red white and blue colors somewhere on there. Stick with the phrase you like, 'never forgotten' and have an artist help you come up with something that will fit on your wrist. Instead of having the image go from on side of the wrist to the other, you could also turn it so that it looks more palm to elbow and still keep it small, but easier to fit the design. I hope that makes sense because it seems confusing. Anyway, good luck with your tattoo.

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    oh, well, first of all, i'm really sorry for your loss. i think the sun thing is a good idea. or maybe a dove or something. if you wanted to do the bath thing, maybe you could put some bubbles? sorry, this probably isn't that helpful.

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    1 decade ago

    I am very sorry for your loss. My heart really hurts for you.

    I think you already have your tattoo planned. I would take your ideas into a custom shop and tell them what you want and what you don't and have them sketch it up for you. They will have some ideas that probably didn't think of.

    I think the idea that you have sounds amazing. Have you considered date birth and death?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am so sorry. I know it must be hard - be strong.

    It's an absolutely beautiful idea.

    Goodluck. xxx

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