Ice cream description paragraph help?

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can you finish this is about 3 sentences? The cold, creamy and flavourful food taste excites all senses for whoever tastes the delicacy. It is none other than the old fashioned, more
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  • RE answered 4 years ago
Excites all the senses? Really? How does it excite the sense of hearing? Slurp, slurp? But you can get several sentences out of describing how it stimulates each of the senses. You have not even mentioned yet that it is sweet, nor how a bit of acidity (fruit), bitterness (chocolate) or crunchiness (nuts) can complement that sweetness. Describe various types, their appearance, fragrance, effect on the lips, tongue, roof of the mouth, teeth, brain, throat, stomach, endorphin system, etc. You can do this all by yourself.
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  • wulphishbluelily79 answered 4 years ago
    This cold, creamy and flavorful food taste, excites all senses for whoever tastes the delicacy. It is favorite of people young and old. A great treat to have in the heat of a summer day. Made mainly of frozen Cream and whipped in to perfection. It is usually complimented as a siding when served with a slice of cake. Also it is made in to and served as a form of cake at times. Can you guess what kind of delightful treat I am referring to? It is none other than the old fashioned, good tasting, smooth, rich, and creamy treat ice cream.

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