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Why do my cats have a foot fetish?

They are purebred Birmans. The breeder said every Birman she's had is crazy for feet. Mine mash their cheeks & rub all over my feet whether I'm fresh out of the shower or just out of my stinky work shoes. They try to pry my toenails off. They lay on my feet at night. They take naps on shoes. Is this a breed thing? None of my other cats ever did anything so strange.

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    Well my kitty that we gave away Apollo LOVED feet she would follow your feet .sniff them. Chew your shoes. Lick your shoes. Lay in your shoes. Lay on your feet....Lick your feet (even in between your TOES)

    She was a mix of Calico and Russian Blue so I could happen to any breed I guess.

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    I've only had one cat that seemed to have a hand AND foot fetish. He would rub all over my feet, just like you described, and bite my toe nails. He would also try to catch my hand when I petted him and bite my fingers ("kitty kisses").... but also had an interest in biting my fingernails. I came to believe that he loved my feet because they smelled like my shoes that he loved to play with... I believe he loved my shoes because he loved me. He loved when I petted him, so tried to kiss the object of his enjoyment -- my hands. I think he bit my nails because they tear their own nails out, at some point -- and he was just trying to help me clean up! LOL! He has stopped biting my fingers and toes and nails, mainly because I would move my hands & feet away when he started to do it -- he's learned he's not going to get petted if he does (etc.). He still loves being petted. :)

    Source(s): Personal experience with cats. :)
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    Not a breed thing. they just like the way feet feel on their faces mashing it in to their gums and everything. weirdos... mine does it too. She's a mix of bobcat hybrids and tabbys. the father had the stubby tail.

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