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Border Collie Vs. Australian Shepherd?

Which do you prefer, what is the difference in the personality, appearence, training of the breed. Please get as mch info as you can. Thankyou


Oh, and which one would do best with a 6 year old female Coton De tulear?

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    Both are very high energy, intelligent herding dogs. Both will need *at least* an hour of exercise per day to be happy--as well as mental stimulation to keep them -and you- from going totally nuts. Both will need to be purchased from a reputable breeder, as temperament issues and medical issues are NOT something you want in either breed.

    Appearance-wise, Aussies are stockier than BCs and, of course, have a docked tail. Aussies basically come in two varieties color-wise: black or red, with varying degrees of white and/or tan. (White can only be limited to certain parts of the body--if you have a very, very white Aussie, you have an Aussie with health problems). Both colors can come in a merle variety--blue merle is a variety of black, red merle is obviously a variety of red.

    You'd mainly see difference in show lines, it's harder to pick out in working lines, unless you can see the tail (or lack thereof). Working Aussies tend to be leaner, as do working BCs.

    BCs are nonstop working machines--for the most part, as there are always exceptions. They're often more intense, hardcore working dogs. Aussies are famous for having an "off switch"--not to say they are calm by any means, but they know when to work and when not to work, and will be less intense--provided you give them required attention and stimulation and exercise. If you don't provide for them, they will provide for themselves--and you probably won't like it.

    With both breeds, I would recommend obedience classes. Not only are they useful, they're fun-and you may like it enough to decide to compete in obedience (both breeds are great) or step from that to agility or flyball--something else both breeds are fantastic at.

    I would also recommend with both breeds you do a lot of research. Not just internet research---find books, and meet actual dogs of this breed. When you look around at breeders, meet their dogs and talk with them about the breed. Be totally honest about your lifestyle-they want to match you with a good dog, and you want a dog that's totally right for you. . .it's useless getting a dog you think you like and realizing later on that it's a totally wrong match--it won't end well for you OR the dog.

    I wish you luck--with both breeds, when with the right owner, they can really thrive and be fantastic dogs.

    Source(s): Neighbor works Border Collies I've been around Aussies my entire life---and have owned them for 12 years.
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    Australian Shepherd Vs Border Collie

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    Border Collie Vs Australian Shepherd

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    Go with the Aussie...hands down; no question!!!

    I have owned both and been around plenty. Border Collies may be "smarter" (I have yet to see it) but they are neurotic and it is very hard to reveal their intelligence.

    An Australian Shepherd has a wonderful temperament, and is easy to work with. More than intelligence is their emotional IQ. I love my Aussie and he loves me. With my Border Collie it was difficult to say the least.

    If dogs were human here is an analogy: A Border Collie may have an IQ of 125, but it is both neurotic and OCD and won't do well at college nor succeed at life...unless there is a constant mentor to keep it on track, An Australian Shepherd may have a lower IQ at 120, but because it is focused and well mannered it can and will be able to learn and perform much better with or without constant encouragement.

    An Aussie is akin to a well tempered Bill Gates, while a Border Collie is more like a frustrated Einstein. I know which one I would invest in. A Border Collie may surprise you with occasional brilliance, but the Aussie will consistently achieve more tangible results.

    Veterinarians ranked the Australian Shepherd 4th in intelligence, while one study ranked them 43rd in intelligence.

    IMO, the study had a less than bright Australian Shepherd and also a biased person that wanted to rank the Aussie low.

    Border Collies came out 1st in both the study and the survey.

    I know that sounds impressive, but Border Collies are often very weird and hard to interact with.

    Many Border Collie fans like to dismiss Aussies. It is probably because they look similar and it has been revealed Aussies have a much better temperament. This makes Border Collie enthusiasts upset that Aussies are a threat to their breed being preferred.

    Spend time with both breeds. Find two breeders of each breed and observe them and interact with them. I am confident the Aussie will come out on top.

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    Border Collie and Australian Shepherd are both very high energy herding dogs. Both very Intelligent. The main difference is size and Border Collies are a little more intense. Both breeds need a great deal of mental and physical exercise on a daily basis. THey also need a "job to do" to be happy.

    I'm not sure either one would get along with a little lap dog. They are very active dogs and will probable pretty much overwhelm your Coton De tulear.

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    What I like best about my aussie stock dog is, I know he has my back. I was once charged by a mad mama cow, she knocked me to the ground and was intent on killing me. Thank the Lord for my year old Aussie, he went after the cow without me saying a word. He fought with her and got her off of me and gave me the chance I needed to get away. This is the difference, a Border Collie would have been content to watch the cow kill me, while the Aussie took action. There have been many occasions where my Aussies have taken action when needed on the ranch with out my having me tell them anything. Now will my Aussie beat a Border Collie in a sheepdog trial, no, but don't bet on the Border Collie in a mixed stock ranch trial.

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    Those are both decent breeds. I would try to find a mix of those 2. However, if I had to narrow it down to one breed, I would choose the Border Collie. I would choose the Border Collie simply because it's the smartest breed. It's very athletic. Training comes naturally, and they are always playful fun dogs in their personality. However they do require a lot of space and can be handful with the grooming they require. Even though both breeds are good with other dogs, I would still get a Border Collie. But it's really your choice.

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    I'm not really sure because I've never owned either breeds. Here is a website that says a little about both and tells you about their temperament too!

    Border Collie

    Australian Shepherd

    I think that it's really more about how each one acts than the breed with your question about the coton de tulear!

    Hope you pick a great dog! :)

    Source(s): Dog Breeds website and volunteer at my local pet store! :)
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    Well, I have a female border collie (Noel) and a male Australian shepherd (Frost). They each have their own personality, it really cute how every dog have their own unique personality. My Aussie is like a big old teddy bear. He great with kids and he is very protective over them. Frost is well behave and if you have an active family he works well with your rugrats. My sweet little collie is an angel. She is very smart but a bit too nice though. Noel is very easy to train and is very active like Frost. Well I personally like the Australian shepherd since they are the best with younger children but border collies are good too. They are both smart and easy to train dogs. It really depends on your what dog matches with your preference. p.s their mix puppies are so cute

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Border Collie Vs. Australian Shepherd?

    Which do you prefer, what is the difference in the personality, appearence, training of the breed. Please get as mch info as you can. Thankyou

    Source(s): border collie australian shepherd:
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    well those two breeds are on the list for smartest dog in the world . border collie first aussie Shepherd second . they are really alike , very easy to train , really loyal , and Beautiful dogs . i own a aussie Shepherd so i know . and as long as you get a puppy they'll get along withyour other dog. good luck!

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