The eye of horus , why do the illuminati use it?

Isnt it a positive symbol ? I know they use it though , why do they ? Im doing projects on them and i need to know why the eye of horus is a sign of it?


The all seeing eye is the triangle with the eye in it ,

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    Prophecy club- Exposing the illuminati look this up on youtube, its an ex-high up mason/satanist who is now a preacher and is exposing the masons, many masons who are lower in the rank don't understand the true evil behind the 'brotherhood' rituals they carry out. If you want to know the truth i suggest you watch this youtube series, it explains the links between satanists and masons from an insiders perspective dating back many years. This mans story is confronting and almost surreal, but god has explained to us, that many of us will choose to remain in the dark, even when the light has been shown to us.

    Also 'the labyrinth of truth' on you tube goes further into the eye of horus.

    Horus is satan under a different name, it says in the bible that he will disguise himself as an angel of light, hense the 'Illuminati', they are lucifarians (another name for satan) - now that you have seen the symbol and understand it you will find it in video clips and in movies as subliminal messages - have a look at lady gaga, Rhianna, JayZ and many more, they are all linked up & are satan worshipers! even Obama his famous slogan ' yes we can' backwards says thank you satan.

    Be carefull because alot of sources you will get are contaminated and false.

    i hope this helps you with your study and hopefully birngs you closer to God and the truth :)

    Source(s): (Obama) (has a segment on horus being satan) (explains the links between satanism & the illuminati/ free masons & one world order. (rhiannas illuminati links) (lady gaga)
    • Horus and Satan ARE NOT the same thing! Where on earth did you hear such nonsense?!? Horus is more similar to Jesus. Satan is a made up Christian entity that's more similar to a subterranean beast and Lucifer is the angel of light. You can't just throw all of these together and mix them up!

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    Eye Of Horus Illuminati

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    It s actually unknown whether or not the Illuminati originally used the Eye of Horus as a symbol for their organization. The symbol originated from ancient Egypt, before the Bible was even written and, as well as the All-Seeing Eye (the eye inside a triangle), are both intended as symbols of protection and luck.

    If you look into the subject rather than just watching whatever YouTube videos first come up when you type in "Illuminati", you ll notice that the Illuminati are only associated with Satanism (which is, in my opinion, just as valid a religion as Christianity and doesn t deserve the bad publicity it gets) because one of the things they opposed was the concept of letting your faith control the way you live your life.

    My theory on why the Illuminati gets such bad publicity is that the powerful religious leaders of the time didn t like that the Illuminati was teaching people not to let themselves be controlled by said religious leaders and thus began to teach people lies about them, saying they worshipped Satan (which at that time would have been considered a very bad thing); lies which many people still believe today.

    The media, politicians and celebrities using "Illuminati" symbolism is probably an attempt to drum up controversy and interest (in the hope that people will buy their products in the hopes of finding secret messages), or just them having a bit of fun to see how many people would notice.

    I hope this helps you and anyone wondering why the Illuminati are so commonly associated with Satanism and those symbols.

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    The Eye Of Horus Meaning

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    The eye of horus , why do the illuminati use it?

    Isnt it a positive symbol ? I know they use it though , why do they ? Im doing projects on them and i need to know why the eye of horus is a sign of it?

    Source(s): eye horus illuminati it:
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    Don't listen to what the previous users has said, it is evil, that eye is ne the back of a one dollar bill! and even in some children shows like spongebob w/ loads of other apoctalyptic imagery.... what you've said so far "the devil and brain washing people into it" you are right...... the illuminati is a bunch of devilworshippers , Celebs are doing it, politicians, the symbolas are in cartoons , like dragonball Z everyone, its everywhere... just stay away from it. and don't be lead away by the answers claiming its a myth, it isn't..... and theyre planning something horrendous for the futuer .. NWO... but throught all your troubles turn to God (jesus christ)

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    Is that so?

    Look in the real world.

    Decode this lyrics " You'll see "

    "Wonderful world"

    "Don't know much"

    "Time after time"

    "The Great Commandments"

    "The Final Countdown"

    "Ging gang golly"

    "Can't buy me love"

    "Finder keeper"

    Simple common sense?

    Not hear-say only?

    Just a bunch of Scholars?

    Having artifacts and relics that was lost in time?

    If they are the original?

    They would have known what the mystery is all about in time?

    When the symbol is spiritual and not physical in time?

    How every one were at loss and blurred?

    Where did all those Knight - The Pee-weet gang with one whistle all popped up in time?

    The Knight - who were Guardian of the Ark of Covenant in time?

    Luke 21.30-36

    Luke 9.25,55-56,60

    Luke 8..5-8,10-17

    Luke 24.44-45,47-48

    What do you think ?

    Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.
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