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Michael Cole / Nexus / RAW GM?

Michael Cole Is The New GM of RAW And Is Turning Heel To Be Like A Nexus Manager WWE Have Realised They Have Made It So Obvious There Trying To Cover Up Anything That Gives It Away. Why Do You Think Daniel Bryan Left. Michael Cole Didn't Like Him. Michael Cole Is The New GM They Just Need The Right Time To Introduce Him As A Heel And Manager Of The Nexus.

What Do You Think.

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    Wow. Thats actually areally good point and i never thought about it that way. I think your right. Actually you most likely are right.

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    Nexus hasn't attacked Sheamus yet. Who has a vendetta with Sheamus that hasn't been attacked by Nexus?

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    Wow .. your theory really works out .

    But I think its either Booker T or The Rock .

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    Your theory is true....

    but i still think the rock is the gm

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    even though it could work

    it is not going to hapen

    the rock is general maneger

    check wikipeia

    Source(s): either you are nexus or you are against us
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    Ughhh...I hope you're wrong. Cole is the worst.

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