Question for long time Nip/Tuck fans!?

I'm just watching season 6 now. In episode 10 I think, Christian finds out Kimber is pregnant & says he already has 3 kids, he doesn't want any more. I know he's Matt's real father & he's raising Wilbur as his own, but who's the third one? Did he have a long-lost child I've forgotten about? It's been a long time since the show started in 2003 & my memory fails me on this one. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Aparentemente se refiere al bebé que iba a tener con Liz (vía inseminación artificial), y que ella abortó al saber que nacería con malformaciones.

    -- (...sorry, wrong language)

    I honestly cannot remember other children besides the one he was going to have with Liz (vía in-vitro) and she aborted knowing it will be born with many problems.

    It was a pretty big deal back then (for both of them).

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    Whoa, it is a long time. He was going to have a child with Liz that time, but that never happened, so you cant really count that. I dont know.

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