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Anyone know some Miyavi quotes =D?

Okay......I am...NOT Jap...and I only speak VERY LITTLE Japanese. SO, I don't understand a word he's saying most of the time. =)

Can you give me some quotes of his?

Either from a song of his, or just something he said.

And if it's from a song, can you tell me which one?!


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    "I have something to tell you...Look, my English sucks." -Miyavi at some concert. Found the vid on Youtube. You can probably find it if you search for 'Miyavi speaking English at a concert' or something along those lines. ((This is said in English))

    "Pardon my Englishit."-Miyavi, can't remember where from. ((Said in English))

    "Seasons greetings, amigo." -Miyavi, 'Jibun Kakumei 2003' ((Said in English))

    "I'm a wolf...surviving with love!" -Miyavi, 'Survive' (My favorite song of his EVER) ((Said in English))

    "If you like I will stretch out this filthy hand of mine as far as you like." -Miyavi, 'Girls, be Ambitious' ((Said in Japanese))

    "Drink a toast to the death of Peter Pan." -Miyavi, 'Hatachi Kinenbi' ((Most likely English, but at the point in time when the song was made, he didn't speak very good English, yet, so I'm not sure...haha...))

    Hope those were all good. He's such a diverse, crazy man, it's hard to find just one awesome quote from him. Those are just a few of my favorites. =)

    Source(s): Miyavi fan for life. ^-^
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    Miyavi Quotes

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    D mean devil

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