Mennomites in Australia?

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Is there any Mennomites living close to Brisbane?
Update : How could I contact the Mennonites in Australia, which was established in more
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  • Cate answered 4 years ago
Try this
In Australia:
Danthonia Designs
Glen Innes Rd
Inverell NSW 2360

Ph: 02 6723 2100
Fax: 02 6723 2204

Danthonia Designs is run by the Inverell Mennonite community. Give them a call, they should be able to direct you.

Or this :
Mennonite Church of Hope
16 High St
Marmong Point NSW 2284
(02) 4958 6288

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  • Elizabeth answered 4 years ago
    I believe there is just one small community of Mennonites in Australia, which was established in 1999, near Inverell in New South Wales.
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