Need help choosing an e book reader?

I might buy the odd book but mostly will be getting them from my local library, which is why I don't want the Kindle. To work with the library it has to be Sony, Kobo or Nook. Sony & Kobo have Canadian online e bookstores but I don't know if Barnes & Noble will let me buy books since they are only in the US. Pros & cons for each brand please & thanks.

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    Sorry, I'm not sure about B&N selling in Canada. However, you can still buy ebooks with Nook from Fictionwise, Kobo, Books a Million, and other vendors who sell Epubs if they sell in Canada.

    The library book borrowing is awesome.

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    Kindle is definitely an amazing device. Its worth the money.You can put ebooks/notes/audio books on your kindle also Notes and annotations are very easy to make.Very easy to use with the PC and the Mac Kindle is very straight forward there's no need for additional software required for Kindle. Also supports you can also increase the text size which is again amazing.E-INK screen technology that don’t glare in any light so no strain to eyes and less harmful. There are wide range of books on kindle many are free and other are cheaper at price than the actual books so yes I have saved a lot of money till now.

    You dont have to carry now all those heavy actual books, kindle is so light weight which is carrying almost 1500 books within it. Since I travel a lot I really like the 3G Internet you can get the internet wherever you go. Whenever you are tired of reading you can also you Text-To-Speech with auto-page turning feature which is jst so relaxing. If the small size strains your eyes a lot than can also change the text-size. I must say Kindle is a small magic books really I cant live without it.

    Amazon Kindle at amazon $139

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    The Sony Reader is a better product since their bookstore does allow you to shop there but it's not a deal breaker since you can buy books at many places for the Sony so their library is not crucial except for free content. These are the places you can buy books:

    You can read reviews here on the Sony:

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    kindle is the suitable for the examining e books and all that stuff !! and its basically $one hundred and in case you have an interest in colours and apps like a pill get a KINDLE fire instead !! those 2 adult adult males are suitable for e-e book examining :)

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