Mini-DV cassette adapter thingy. What are they called?

It looks like a VHS cassette shell & the mini DV pops into it so you can watch it on your VCR. I haven't seen one in ages but my friend needs one. Old school, yes. You might not even be able to get them anymore, LOL!


Thanks Little Dog. I remember someone from work putting their little camcorder tape into this shell/adapter & we watched the video on the VCR. Their tape must've been a VHS-C. I thought it was a mini DV, which when I think how long ago this was, probably wasn't even invented yet.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is no such thing as a miniDV tape converter that allows miniDV tapes to play in a VHS VCR.

    Short version:

    There are converter/adapter things that allow the small VHS-C tapes to play in a VHS VCR...

    Medium version:

    VHS is analog video.

    The "DV" in MiniDV = Digital video.

    Even if you could custom build an adapter, the analog VHS VCR would not recognize or understand the digital video on the miniDV tape.

  • 4 years ago

    The VHS-C are the same size as VHS tapes that is why there is a adapter. HI 8/8mm is a smaller tape so even if they made a adapter the tape would be all over the place on the head of a VCR. They how ever make a 8mm player(like a VCR).

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