need a website please?

HI everyone!

can some one suggest a good free website where i can start a small business a online shop i can creat where i upload my items, my prices and can use paypal to do the transactions....should be a free website because i cant afford at the moment and just starting some business...and should have enough space to upload pics etc...

any help will be much appreciated.

many thakns

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    is a great website!! :)

    Hope I helped!!!

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    Check out MS Office Live Small Business. You can start out for free with a fourth-level domain and purchase a custom domain when you’re ready. There are templates and design tools to help build your site and you can add buttons, such as PayPal for online payment.

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    I did mine at etsy:

    it's really easy to use. It's free to join and they only charge .20 per item you list. I've only being doing it for a few weeks and already had 15 sales without any advertising.

  • 1 decade ago

    Check it out, it will really help you!!

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