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My friend is acting really weird. 10 pts to anyone who gives some sensible advice!?

Hello everyone,

My best friend has been acting weird now. It is now the exam period and everyone is stressed out and she is too but we were still okay. At 8pm one night, she sent me this sms saying that I am her best friend and all that(one of those forward messages), then at 12 mn, she suddenly smsed me again and says that she needs to be alone and that it has nothing to do with me. She also says that she has no idea how long she will take. Then, next day in school, she won't answer my calls or reply to smses and when I finally found her, she refuse to do anything more than nod or shake her head and speak a word or two really softly. She avoids me and stuff like that.

It makes me both angry and worried and I feel bad for feeling angry at her. Can't she tell that her mood will be affecting mine and that her current behavior might affect my exam grades? I know that friendships are more important than grades and stuff like that but I'll admit that I am selfish like that and can't help but feel that she is selfish too. Why must she do this when everyone is most stressed? What should I

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    Listen,give her some time...if that still does not work try talking to her. If you have not gotten through puberty yet it might me for that reason also. Some girls tend to become really shy and scared when they get their period. I know this maybe hard for you but i think she has decided to move on or leave you for some reason . If that is the case i know this is not a good thing to do but try to follow her around without letting her see you and see where she goes. She might have made friends with someone more popular or something. Just to let you know if she has been your best friend for a while and you find out that she has not been true to you as you have been to her please do not take it to heart. True friends are very rare. I know you might be sad on the thought of losing her but you have to sometimes just let it go. there is no reason to start feeling guilty that it is because of something you did because even if it was best friends are supposed to ignore each others mistakes and just forget about those some mistakes and misunderstandings and continue with their friendship as usual. For all i can tell you try and talk to her mom or her sister or someone else that is really close to her. They might know why she is acting the way she is acting. Ya,it may be because of stress due to exams or maybe someone told her to stay away from her friends and focus on her studies. If that is the reason you might just wanna let her friendship go or forgive her for not telling you why she did what she did but it is all up to you. Trust your instincts they will help you to show you from right to wrong. You may take the wrong decision but how will you know if it is wrong or right until you try and trust yourself to make the decision.

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