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How many cats do I need to get to become a "crazy cat lady"?

Thus far, I have one. And I'm already crazy.

I really think I'm on a roll here.

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    You need to have enough cats that you could load up your cat launcher (similar to a missile launcher) and still have plenty of meowing cats rubbing up against your legs.

    Source(s): Watch an episode of "The Simpsons" with the crazy cat lady in it. That is your inspiration.
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    You can just have one cat that you spoil like crazy and people will call you a crazy cat lady.

    I think cats and dogs are better companions than most people because the animals love you unconditionally. People put conditions on their love which isnt fair but thats how life is sometimes.

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    When I think of "crazy cat lady", I think of Arabella Figg.

    But she's not that crazy, just a cat lady.

    I think I will eventutally turn into Mrs. Figg.

    Next year we are getting two kittens and I can.not.wait.

    I love cats.

    I'd say anything over 20 would be getting a bit strange.

    No offense to anyone out there that has 20 cats.

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    hahaha. I don't know that there is a set limit for this...I would say it depends on how much of your life, house, money, and other resources of yours they consume! When you can't say "No" to another cat and you already can't take care of what you have. Or when no matter how clean you are, anyone that walks into your house immediately knows (nose!!) you have cats without even seeing them or having ever heard you speak of them.

    (P.S. I really love Bo's answer, as I also had the Simpson's crazy cat lady in mind initially!)

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    i became very virtually to submit the comparable question and then got here upon this!! i'm keen approximately my cat, from the day we've been given him i worrying approximately him while he first began to venture exterior, i hardship approximately him while he's out and approximately in the process the day and god forbid if i bypass away for the weeked all i talk approximately is him and if he's ingesting his foodstuff etc. i think of that's plausible to get too attatched to a cat however i dont be attentive to why I extremely have by using fact I extremely have an older cat of which i've got had on the grounds that i became 5 and that i dont have this comparable obsession over her! i do no longer think of it hurts except you start to devise your existence around a cat, its okay to love them, just to no longer be ruled by making use of them.

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    When it gets to the point where people need an oxygen tank and mask to enter your home, then maybe you have enough cats. =P

    Seriously, there have been a couple of cases like that in my area. For some reason, this makes the news. And the news photos all show animal control officers entering the homes in question wearing what looks like bio-hazard gear. Nasty...

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    lol. I have 10 cats and my friends call me crazy cat lady. Like on the Simpsons.

    On another note, my Chemistry teacher looks like THE crazy cat lady from the Simpsons.

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    When my friends say I'm going to become a crazy cat lady, they always through in the number '80' so I guess you could shoot for that

    High five I love your question

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    Your question is so funny. I have a friend that's wants to retire to the country and have a cat farm. Now that's a crazy cat lady.

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    Four or five. But you have to REALLY like to clean.

    Somewhere between 5 and 8, it gets to be a lot more difficult.

    But if you can care for them, then who cares if people think you're crazy? You're happy, the cats are happy, the heck with the critics!

    Source(s): Years of cat rescue and owning multiple cats
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