Sleeping problem please help?

hi I think that I have a problem when I sleep the first thing is I wake up every hour or every two which gets really annoying don't know if that is a problem or is common in people? The other one that happens sometimes but not much is it takes me ages to fall asleep like lets say I go to bed at 10pm and then I'm still awake at 11 so could you lend me some advice cause it's horrible for me now

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    Talking books. Pick a dull one, put it on, go to sleep. If it doesn't work at least you've learned something while you were awake.

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    It sounds as though your bionic clock has gone a bit haywire. You need to change your sleeping pattern, as now you are convinced these things will happen to you when you go to bed.

    I think you could try not eating anything after 8pm and to have a warm drink before you go to bed. There are sleeping aids available at the supermarket which are not drugs but have natural substances in them to help you get a bit drowsy.

    A nice warm shower before going to bed also helps. If your mind is full and active regarding things you might be worried about will also prevent you from sleeping. Try going to bed at eleven pm instead of ten. Make sure your bed is comfortable and the room not too warm.

    You might find also that you are not active enough during the day to make you tired at night. A good brisk walk in the evening could also help.

    Beyond what I have told you I am afraid you will have to see your GP and ask what they suggest for you. I would though try not to become addicted to sleeping medication as your body becomes not only addicted to it but becomes reliant upon them for you to sleep. Good luck.

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    Get your gp to prescribe you some sleeping pills.

    Drink hot chocolate before you go to bed.

    Read a book until you feel tired.

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