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How do I create sexual tension in my book?

How do you think I could create sexual tension between my protagonist and his love interest? Add a little bit of bantering, draw it a long a bit? Any suggestions help, thanks(:

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  • Brenda
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    10 years ago
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    A crucial element to sexual tension in a book is that the readers *want* your characters to come together. Some (published) authors will have a love scene in the first chapter, just to keep a steady diet of intercourse in the story. This doesn't actually add sexual tension--just an NC-17 rating. If you want your readers to want your characters together, you need to have things in the story that pull the characters together (shared interests, life-saving situations) and things that pull them apart (stupid circumstances, serious political or moral disagreements). Yes, there should be verbal play, and stares that last too long, and moments where physical contact completely blanks out thought. Your characters could be the types who fling themselves into relationships, and are busier than rabbits within a dozen pages. Or they could be people with histories that keep them from acting on their feelings, and refrain from "the goods" until sometime after the last page. More than likely, you're aiming for a happy medium. They should have something to talk about other than sex, frankly, because otherwise the plot will run thin and your readers will wonder "why don't the characters go ahead and crawl under the covers if nothing more interesting is going to happen?" The reader should be able to provide reasons why the characters do or don't jump in the sack, even if the characters don't. (I.e., "in our culture, we wait until marriage" or "you saved my life and all this gratitude has to go somewhere, so let's step into my office")

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    Watch Bones on FOX. They've created sexual tension for about five or six seasons now.

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    Think of some real life examples, watch some movies you find sexy or read some scenes in books for ideas. Don't copy the scenes but look for common elements that YOU find sexy. Chances are if you like it, others will too. Best of luck!

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    The key is to have them fall hard for one another as soon as possible, make it look like hooking up is inevitable, but then for one reason or another have them not able be together. If there is no chance of hooking up or if they do hook up the tension is gone.

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  • 10 years ago

    add staring,

    awkward moments when alone together AFTER something embarressing/strange happens,

    and thoughts about how gorgeous she is!(and vice versa[somehow?]) ^^

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