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What age does a dog become protective?

My husband and I have an American Bulldog. He's 7 months old and neutered. Excellent dog...great with our 3 years old. The community we live in is having problems with drug use which is resulting in burglaries. We have always heard AB's make wonderful companions and are good protectors. At what age does an AB begin to alert us by barking or protecting his property against strangers?? So far he just LOVES everyone. Thanks.

Not sure if it makes a difference or not...but we've had him since he was 8 weeks old


Erica....maybe someone should report you for being annoying.

Update 2:

Thanks Chelly. That's what we're hoping for. We just hope he will bark and that will be a deterrent.

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    My German Shepherd started becoming protective when she was close to a year old. And she was very socialized. I don't personally know how an American Bulldog's temperament can be, all of the ones I have met have been very sweet. But my dog is only protective of her home and I didn't teach her that. It was a natural thing. Your bulldog may need a little training, and with that should make a good guard dog! But I would let him get a little more puppy out of him :)

  • There's no certain age. He may never grow into it, and I don't recommend training him to do so unless you plan to spend the thousands of dollars, and the mass amounts of time, to professionally train him. Dogs aren't security systems, and there's a chance he'll never grow into being protective. Generally ABs are, but there's a good chance he wont be unless you got him from a breeder that breeds for this specific type of work. If there's crime, etc.. in your area, call ADT. Even if he DOES grow into being protective, which probably wont be any time soon, you should NEVER put the safety of your home, your family, your children, or yourself, in the 100% trust of a dog. Period.

    Also, just a friendly word to the wise, asking this multiple times will likely get you reported, and it will generally only give you the same answers.

    ETA: Annoying?? How am I being annoying? Wasn't saying that *I* would report you, or that *I* have a problem with you asking multiple times, but there ARE people on here that WILL report you for asking the same question multiple times. So much for trying to give a friendly bit of information to the newcomer. I'll just go back to being a ***** to everyone that thinks their dog will protect them.

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    My Lab got protective at around 5 months old.

    It has become a pain in my @$$. I did nothing to make her protective, but she just is. What you want is a big dog who will bark if someone comes near your property, most dogs will do this.

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    most people break into places they scoped out before... the fact that you have a dog is a deterrent... but if you want to be more secure you can move to a safe area or get a security system

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    Training has a lot to do with your dog becoming more protectant. At the same time he is still a baby. Give him time it will kick it sooner or later if your lovable owners he will grow close to you all and will eventually learn that it's part of his job too protect you, especially the little one.

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    I need more information before I can give an answer

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