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How difficult is it to be a vegetarian in Culinary School?

I'm a vegetarian and a senior in high school. It's my dream to go to culinary school next year, and I'm very serious about it. This isn't just a whim, this is what I want my future to be.

The problem is, I'm a vegetarian, which I think might be difficult while in school. The bright side is that I plan on majoring in Bakery and Pastry Arts, which won't have much meat involved... but there probably will be some, in savory tarts and pies and stuff...

I'll make things with meat if I have too, but will they make me taste it?

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    You will have to taste your own food - how can you be confident in serving something to someone without knowing what it tastes like?

    It's one of the rules of the kitchen, taste, taste, taste!

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    There are vegan/veg culinary schools out there. I have personally been looking at 2 one in the NYC area and one in Austin, Texas. Honestly I would avoid any culinary schools that use bodies for food because animals are not property and are not too be used for anything aside from what they would naturally do on there own. I am sure there are a bunch out on the west coast and I know there are a lot of classes that you can take in the subjects and plenty of raw food type schools.

    Here are some links to help out.


    http://www.naturalgourmetschool.com/html/about-p.h... (this one is veg friendly but they still use bodies and use B.S. terms when describing omnivores who maybe eat a little less meat)


    Source(s): Vegan because animals are not property and chef
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    As a former chef from Canada and having been in the trade when I worked for over 30 years, the baking and Pastry training will not involve much if any meat in the work, lard is from pigs but is used very rarely, you would work with butter, shortening, eggs, milk and other foods, meat pies are made but again your not required to eat them and schools now require the students you use vinyl or latex gloves in class.

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    If you have to make delicious recipes One has to taste the product they have created and in bakery items have certain non -veg items such as eggs as ingredients . But as you mentioned you are a vegetarian then you have to rely on documented response of others which might not give you satisfaction how ever being vegetarian does not stop you from pursuing career in Bakery

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    I think to be a good chef you will have to suck it up and taste some meat. It isn't gonna be much in that sub specialty and you can't really make a moral objection if you're cooking it-you are using animal flesh but somehow tasting it is where you draw the line? Please. I'm a vegetarian but if I became a chef I would taste it.

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    As a former chef from Canada and having been interior the commerce once I labored for over 30 years, the baking and Pastry education won't contain lots if any meat interior the paintings, lard is from pigs yet is used very not often, you may paintings with butter, shortening, eggs, milk and different ingredients, meat pies are made yet returned your not required to consume them and colleges now require the scholars you employ vinyl or latex gloves at school.

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    They may or may not make you taste it. If I were you, I would seek out a professor or two at the school you're looking to attend and drop them a line--See what they say.

    I'm currently taking a "Food Selection and Preparation" course and there have been meat/cheese/egg ingredients, and my professor doesn't make anyone taste anything if they don't want to--We just have to have the "taste" part of the lab sheet filled out at the end of the day.

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    Absolutely you'll have to taste it -- how else will you know if your recipe comes out right?

    All chefs taste their food to make sure it is palatable to the person they made it for (or the orderer in the case of restaurant food).

    And there are things like Meat Pie (shepards pie)!

    Don't think for a second that just because you want to END UP in pastries means you won't have to learn ALL FORMS of cooking, from cooking a steak to steak tar-tar (raw meat with spices) to vegetarian.

    In chef school, there's just no such thing.

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    Follow your dream, Stella McCartney is a vegetarian and her dream was to become a major fasion designer without using anything made from animals and look where she is today. They can't force you to taste or cook meat is you are a vegetarian.

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    There's vegetarian culinary schools, you know. =)

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