question about love and crush..(does guy that like this girl will take the relationship slow??)?


i have a crush on this guy...

and i think he knows that..

so...i've read up alot online on body languages and sign he likes you..

and he seems to show most of the sign stated..

he used to text me everynight..and's almost 2 weeks..

he didn't text me at all..but when we meet up..we talked as usual...

and i think that bother me is that..

i read online and it stated that..

if the guy really likes you..there is possibilities they will take the relationship

very slow..because they want to make're worth it...

is that correct??

what do you think i should do next???


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  • 10 years ago
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    well u sed the he used to text u every night. maybe he thinks tht u dont want him to txt u if ur never the first to text him. if that is the case, send him a few. and idk i dont think guys do that... if they want something they will go for it. but im thinking tht he does want u to txt him. answer mine plz i took the time to answer urs :)

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  • 4 years ago

    Honey, that fact is unquestionably ludicrous. for romance to be rather love and for genuine in a sustained courting, it takes 2 and its regularly, lots greater helpful once you strike this stability! it rather is, the glaring. this thought that one loves better than the different is a real misnomer and rumor of kinds insofar as being a good beginning of a loving courting. truly, Grace

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