Should I have my piano repaired?

My piano is close to 100 years old and has nice antique wood in oak. When the roof leaked it got water damage and left my piano with keys that are not able to play. I am thinking that to have it repaired would be costly. Anyone with experience? Any advise?

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  • Les
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    1 decade ago
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    Look up a piano technician in your area. Maybe they can come out and give you a free (or at least cheap) consultation. Seeing the piano in person is the only way to tell.

    If you're really in love with the piano's cabinet, but it is deemed beyond repair, consider removing the keyboard/action and dropping a digital piano in. This way it still has a musical purpose. Just don't let it get wet :) .

    Hope this helps!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    In my opinion it depends on the cost.????? however Your piano has survived 100 years! "antique"

    So You can ....

    1-contact a piano technician.

    2-or used piano dealer.

    3-or classified ad for Your piano in any daily newspaper.

    4-or classified ad for Your piano in any weekend newspaper.

    5-or try to find people who love and appreciate antique instrument.

    6-I'm fairly happy with mine!




    Source(s): First You should check around the edges,the keys and the PEDALS.
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