questions about IV sedation for an MRI?

I went into the doctors office monday-was given 15 mg of Valium for my MRI. 45 minutes after I took the medication i felt nothing if not more anxious. I tried to suck it up and take the test but i all but clawed my way out of the machine. I have been rescheduled next week for IV sedation with my MRI and naturally I am nervous. If someone could please explain IN DETAIL what they are going to do to me before the test, during the drug (what drugs?) is administered, during the test, and how i will feel when i wake up i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you guys-I could really use the peace of mind!


also, do they give you something in your IV before they put you to sleep to help you relax?

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    You won't be able to eat or drink after midnight before. They'll bring you in and put an iv in. They make sure it works by flushing it with heparin and then more then likely use Versed or phentynol. You'll wake up feeling tired and probably go home and sleep for a few hours.

    Source(s): I have had plenty of things done under iv sedation.
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