How do I heal a pulled hamstring muscle quickly?

after i ran the 100 meter dash, i had this sever severe pain in my hamstring muscle. it went away after about 4 hours (slowly getting better) but not compeltely. i ran the dash again the following day and it happened all again. and its very painful. I dont see any swelling or brusing, or very minimal, but like i said, it hurts toooooo bad. i have a meet coming up in 5 days- i need it to heal quickly!!! pleaseeee help! any tips! home remidies!

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  • 3 years ago

    I injured my hamstring approximately 7 months in the past and that i've got nevertheless not regained finished selection of action to that area. I incredibly have been utilising a mixture of heat temperature to the wear, accupressure, and finally rub down scientific care from a man or woman who makes a speciality of activities injuries. This harm won't heal as we talk and definately not in the quick term which you have until eventually now the tournament. you besides could threat arising scar tissue on the area of harm and scar tissue does not stretch. once you think of bearing directly to the fee of the tournament weigh that against the long term value on your physique. almost immediately after the wear I had a belt attempt that i did not desire to omit. I "pushed in the time of the discomfort" to attempt and have been coping with the implications ever because of the fact that. i got here across because of the fact that then that taking further time to heat up (two times as long as anybody else in school), doing greater muscle strengthing workouts, and spending beyond properly-known time after my work out to stretch returned has made it available to proceed doing the martial paintings that I savour.

  • 9 years ago

    If you really want it to heal, quit re-injuring it. The muscle needs to heal. That will take time. Sorry, no speed ups. But running on it the next day may have increased the injury. See a sports medicine person. They understand your irrational need to return to the sport and will work with you, but not fold on your safety. Good Luck.

    Source(s): RN
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