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do anti-depressants work?

and why do ppl take them?

do ppl not try to solve the actual problem?

i am thinking of taking them cuz i have nooooo energy or life spark in me atm i just feel **** :(

but i have some reasons why but thought that i should tackle problems.....

but i have no motivation for even that, thats the reason why i am considering them but

do they work ?

is it worth it

help :( x x x x x x x x x x x

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    Yes they do work. Sometimes the person prescribing the medication might need to adjust the dose or you might need to try a different brand because they have different results for different people. I've been on Lexapro and it worked for me. People who take antidepressants aren't lazy and aren't avoiding trying to solve their problems - there is a chemical imbalance in the brain that does cause people to become depressed or to feel certain things they normally wouldn't.

    The whole premise of antidepressants isn't that it's a cure. The idea is to get counseling, try to work through your problems/issues WHILE on medication. It's not supposed to work alone in itself like "pop a pill and you won't be depressed anymore!" - if only it were that easy.

    Only you can decide if it's worth it, but you definitely should speak to someone about your issues and consider the options, what you can do etc.

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    OK I'm not 100% sure I understand your question fully but I will give it a try and I am sorry if I get it wrong.

    Ok to explain my experiences I have been on them before and I have also gone through depression without them.

    Pills on their own don't help to do that would be like taking morphine for a broken arm without getting it re-set yes it would stop the pain but in the long term you would suffer more.

    It is possible to set a broken arm without pain relief sometimes but some cases demand it.

    It's better for you and your body if you can deal with the problems without the pills, support like counselling is vital if you have pills or not

    Counselling takes time and some people feel so down that counselling is undermined by low mood etc and this low mood is so deep that the individual sinks down in that case pills are like a life jacket you still have to swim but will help keep you up

    Sorry if that sounds like a nonsensical ramble but that's my thoughts on the issue go and talk to you GP and get whatever help is best for you.

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    Antidepressants CAN work as long as you are realistic about what they do. Yes, people DO try and solve the actual problems and that is where counselling comes in. Antidepressants don't solve anything, they don't cure depression. What they do is to raise the lower depths of your depression to a point at which you can cope and begin to tackle the root problems. If you think of a ship in stormy seas, antidepressants calm the waters and counselling allows you to get back home. That would be a simple analogy.

    Antidepressants come in various types and it often takes some trial and error to find the one that suits you most and the ideal dosage that you need. Your doctor would guide you through this process. Side effects with antidepressants are often quoted as being quite scary or vast, particularly if you read things on the internet. However, you need to bear in mind that people who tolerate medications easily will rarely post, it's only the small proportion of those who have bad side effects who actually talk about them online. I had NO side effects on either of the antidepressants that I've been on.

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    yeah it kinda does make things worse..... i mean do you want some pill to control your emotions. you should feel what natually comes along and sort things out without using the modern day drugs.... i mean look at all the other modern things.... plastic surgery all these corrupt things.... man dont you think its scary...?!!? best thing would be pray to Allah (SWT) for all your problems becuase He's The One that Can sort your problems not all these dodgy things... pills etc. . i don't know if what i'm making makes any sense but i just wrote what came to mind. Kinza: you're view is correct for people who really need them, but its just the fact that many people get anti-depressants prescribed to them from the doctor when they don't even need them and worst is that the doctor is so underqualified to realised that its not needed....when a bit of relaxation and stress relief could've done the trick .... thats the view i hold for those situations... it's different in certain situations... not all the same in every angle. .

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    Hi there,

    Yes they do work but they do take time to kick in. I have been on anti depressants, although they help they don't resolve the problem.

    When i started talking them I didn't seen any change at first, but eventually they started to help, they helped me think straight. and gave me the right frame of mind to try and sort things out and gradually i felt better.

    How they work?... Depression is to do with a chemical that runs in the brain, when depression kicks in this chemical doesn't work properly hence the depression ect. the tables help restore the balance and help with the ''fed-up and sadness' side of things.They effect the emotional stability.

    I would advice trying them. Everything is worth a shot dont you think? x

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    You get different types of depression - seasonal depression, hormonal depression and chronic depression. With seasonal depression, it's just for a time - you might be going through a rough time, anti-depressants then sometimes get prescribed to give your mind a "holiday" - to help you ride out the difficult time. Chronic depression is caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, so the sufferer has to take them every day for the rest of his/her life.

    I would definitely recommend that you get to a doctor, so he/she can help you figure out what type of depression you're experiencing - sounds seasonal.

    But to answer your question, they do work - for me at least, they help me just function normally - I'm not like extraordinally happy/on a high or anything like that, it helps me to get through my day not feeling like a heavy black cloud wants to engulf me (I have chronic depression, by the way).

    If you can, try to tackle your problems and find a long-term solution for them before going the "short-term/easy fix" route of taking anti-depressants.

    Good luck! ;-)

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