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China getting invaded by the EU and the US how would china react.?

there invading from the east and west (infantry,air force,navy,artillery etc. but no nukes)

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    If no nukes were used, US air force and Navy would immediately control the skies and seas. However, the world economy would die and Russia/North Korea and potentially Iran would join the Chinese. The Chinese are famous for sacrificing wave after wave of their seemingly endless population at opponents, so the bloodshed would be horrid. The EU would provide tactical support to US troops, but the war burden would basically be on the US and UK. EU and US would win, but they would want to haul *** out of their because you cannot occupy a nation of 1.3 billion. Everyone would be worse off in the long run. The invaders might try to free tibet and set up a democracy on the politically liberal, industrial east.

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    It isn't going to happen. Far too many reasons to not go to war and far to few reasons to go to war. Other than that, there is no nation on earth with the ability to move that large an invasion force. So, not only is it irrational it is impossible.

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    The EU doesn't have a military. And China is the US's ALLY. So....that's probably not going to happen.

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    they will resist and maybe use some tac nuke on their soil,china also have the world largest reservest,industrial capacity,and some Ultra nationalist people,they will invaded US Allies

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  • 9 years ago

    Wouldn't happend.. sorry

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