How much does it cost to move a small house of furniture from Perth to Melbourne?

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We are going to be moving from Perth to Melbourne in February. If anyone knows an estimate of what it would cost to move a house of furniture from Perth to Melbourne it would save me more
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Unsure of the cost, but source out carriers who may do it on the cheap (back-loading).
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  • dave answered 3 years ago
    Shared containers always available, cheapest way. The company will come around tell you how much it will cost and then come round when you are ready load it up for loading in container, will store it for you in Melbourne until you want it, they ship container by rail so a lot cheaper.
    Put car and yourselves on Indian Pacific to Adelaide and drive from there only around 10 hours.
    Sit up Perth/Adelaide around $200 each not sure of price for car now but cheaper if you travelling on train with car.
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