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Do you wanna play a Baby Game?

These answers can be as fictional as you want. Most creative will win best answer!


What do you think of the name Antonia?

Instructions: Answer all the questions in each section in a brief paragraph/sentences. Be sure to follow the requirements:


Section One: EARLY LIFE

What is your name? Where do you grow up? Do you have any siblings? How many years apart are you?


-At least 1 sibling.

Section Two: GETTING OLDER!!!

Where do you go to college? How do you meet your boyfriend? When do you break up? New boyfriend?


-Name College

-2 boyfriends and Descriptions

Section Three: Married Life:

Boyfriend proposes where? Where do you get married? Where do you go for the honeymoon? Where do you move?


Husbands Name and Description

Wedding and Honeymoon location


Section Four: PARENTHOOD

what is you first daughters name? The twins that come after her? Other kids?


You must have the daughter-Name ends with A

Choose twins gender-Names must relate to one another

Adopt at least 1 child

Have multiples-Triplets or more

Section Five-BUSY LIFE

Pets? Cars? House?


What are your pets names and what types?

What car do you have for your big family?

What does your house look like? Do you move at all?

Bedrooms/Who shares rooms?

Section 6-Holiday Card!


List all your names

What does it look like


and Ages




A nickname for Antonia could be Annie?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I love the name Antonia.

    "Annie" and "Toni" are both adorable nicknames!

    Part 1.

    My name is Leigha Brinley Colette. I was born in India on the 15th of September. I am not Indian though, my parents were merely botanists and were studying in India while my mother was pregnant with me. My mother, Cassia Brinley, died about a week after my birth, due to complications. I am the younger sister of Harrison Mikael. Harrison is 9 years older than i, and was in India with my parents during my birth.

    - Requirments -

    * Older Brother named Harrison.

    Part 2.

    Because i never really had a stable childhood/ teenage home, as my parents continued to study and travel around Europe and Asia, i never really had a set school of which i wanted to attend. When i turned 18, i decided to take a couple courses at a school in Italy called "Valitros" which means "truth" in italian. At Valitros i met an amazing man who was fluent in both English and Italian like myself. His name was Dante Melarosa and we dated happily for about 6 months until i learned that my family was going to travel again to Germany. I had the option to stay in Italy by myself, but decided i musn't leave my family and went to Germany with them. There, i applied for what would be the equivilent to a community college and took courses in German Culture and English. I met an english exchange student named Marshall Adams, and together, being the only two English-speaking people there, we formed a great friendship that ultimately developed into a relationship.

    - Requirements -

    * College, Valitros

    * 2 BF's, Dante and Marshall.

    Part 3.

    On the 6th day of June, my boyfriend of 4 years, Marshall Connor Adams, proposed to me. He proposed while we were in Paris on a miniature vacation under the shadow of Le Eiffel Tower. We get married in Sunburg, Germany, the place we met in an English-Catholic chapel. My parents were studying for another brief time in Germany and his parents were on vacation nearby in Belgium so. it was perfect! We honeymooned in New York City, because i had only been to the states a few times, and he hadn't been back since we met in Germany. It was amazing! We decide to settle in Kittyhawk, North Carolina, where Marshall was born, in a large white ranch house.

    * Marshall has shaggy blonde hair and greenish-blue eyes. He is tall with a muscular build.

    - Requirements -

    * all there.

    Part 4.

    We have a baby girl named Elaina Corinne. 3 years later we have boy twins, Channing Troy and Tatum Eben after my favorite american actor. When Elaina is 8 and Channing and Tate are 5, we adopt a newborn baby from Ireland and name her Iris Siobhan. We decide we want one more child, as 4 seems to be the perfect number, but we end up conceiving triplets. Two girls, One boy. We name them Harper Elise, Maria Colette, and Devon Noah.

    - Requirements -

    * Elain*A*

    * Twins, Channing and Tatum after Channing Tatum

    * adopt a girl, Iris

    * Triplets! Harper, Maria, and Devon

    Part 5

    On our ranch in North Carolina, we get two horses. A white mair named Frost and a chestnut mair named Whiskey. We also have an english bulldog named Bubba and a calico kitten named Hope. I drive a black range rover and marshall drives a white long SUV. Our house is white with blue shutters and a wrap around porch with a matching stable for Frost and Whiskey in the back. We have a 10 acre fenced in yard with an apple grove near the back and a pond on the the side of the house. There is a huge maple tree out front with a traditional tire swing and a tree house that Marshall built with Channing and Tate when they were 9. We don't move until all of the kids move out or go to college, and when we do move, it is to New York City. In our ranch house there are 6 bedrooms. 1 is for Marshall and I, 2 is for Elaina, 3 is for Channing and Tate, 4 is for Iris, 5 is for Harper and Maria, and 6 is for Devon.

    - Requirements -

    * complete.

    Part 6.

    Happy Holidays from,

    Leigha, Marshall, Elaina, Channing, Tatum, Iris, Harper, Maria, and Devon!

    Leigha, Marshall, Elly, Chann, Tate, Iris, Harper, Maria, and Dev!

    35, 37, 12, 9, 9, 7, 4, 4, 4.

    Source(s): great fun!
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    What do you think of the name Antonia?

    ts okay, not my favorite though

    Section One: EARLY LIFE

    What is your name? Where do you grow up? Do you have any siblings? How many years apart are you?

    My name is Tara Elise Larson. I grow up in Oakland, CA. I have 3 siblings. Anna Rose is my twin sister. James is 3 years younger than Anna and I. Daniel is 5 years younger than Anna and I, and Bethany is 8 years younger than Anna and I.

    Section Two: GETTING OLDER!!!

    Where do you go to college? How do you meet your boyfriend? When do you break up? New boyfriend?

    I go to UCLA. I meet my boyfriend Nick at a party and we break up when I find out he has been cheating on my. I meet my new boyfriend, Jordan, at work.

    Section Three: Married Life:

    Boyfriend proposes where? Where do you get married? Where do you go for the honeymoon? Where do you move?

    Jordan proposes to me on the beach while we are having a picnic. We get married in a gorgeous garden near Oakland and honeymoon in Hawaii. We move to a gorgeous home 2 blocks away from where I grew up in Oakland.

    Section Four: PARENTHOOD

    what is you first daughters name? The twins that come after her? Other kids?

    Mia Rose is my first daughter's name

    The Twin's names are Daniel Lucas and Eden Grace (both are biblical)

    Thinking that I can't have anymore kids I adopt

    My adopted daughter's name is Natalie Paige

    My adopted son's name is Austin James

    Suprise I actually can have more kids! I have triplets and name them Logan Anthony, Jack Harrison, and Avery Kate.

    Section Five-BUSY LIFE

    Pets? Cars? House?

    We get a dog and name her Lola. She is a yorkie

    We have a 12 passenger van!

    Our home in Oakland: only have Mia, Daniel, and Eden at the time

    This home has 4 bedrooms: Mia and Eden shared a room , Daniel has his own, one bedroom was converted into a playroom, and the other bedroom was my mine and my hubby's.

    Our new home in Bakersfield, CA: have all 8 kids when we buy this house!

    This home has 10 bedrooms.

    Bedroom 1 is Mine and my hubby's

    Bedroom 2 is next to mine and my hubby's and this is the triplets room

    Bedroom 3 is across Natalie's Room

    Bedroom 4 is next to Bedroom 3 and it is Eden's Room

    Bedroom 5 is down the hall from mine an it is Austin's Room

    Bedroom 6 is in the basement and is Mia's Room

    Bedroom 7 is also in the basement and is Daniel's Room

    Bedroom 8 was converted into a playroom and is in the basement

    Bedroom 9 is a guest bedroom and is in the basement also

    Bedroom 10 was converted into an office for my hubby and is in the basement

    Section 6-Holiday Card!

    Jordan I have have 8 kids named:

    Mia: 14

    Daniel and Eden: 12

    Natalie: 10

    Austin: 10

    Logan, Jack, and Avery: almost 1

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago



    Wesley (4 years older)

    Miles (3 years older)

    Aubrey (1 year older)

    Chad State

    Patrick a guy who was with from high school broke up after 6 months of being together

    Ryan a bad boy who got my attention after 1 week in college but dident go out for a couple of months

    Ryan and I get engaged in my hometown

    we get married in the church that parents did

    go to Orlando

    and stay in a little town right outside of Nashville


    twins names Brody and Jacoby


    1 daughter Aleah


    triplets 2 girls 1 boy Chelcey, Maci and Logan

    adopted 2 kids from a family friend at both newborn( twins) Hayley and Bentley

    4 dogs a boxer Leila a huskey Delilah a black lab Fiona and beagle Stella

    I drive a huge van bus thing and then for smaller trips a chevy Tahoo

    8 bedroom home

    everyone gets thier own room

    we have a game room and a gym

    swimming pool and a hot tub




    Jacoby "JD" Jacoby Dean twins both 9

    Aleah age 7



    Logan age 5


    Hayley age 3

    it has our picture with snowman and candy cane design

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I think the name Antonia is really boring. For this I'm going to use real information as much as possible.

    Section One: EARLY LIFE

    My name is Michela Lily. I grew up on Long Island NY. My siblings names are Kevin Peter-10 years older than me, Patrick Anthony-8 years older than me, and Kathryn "Katie" Anne-6 years older than me.

    Section Two: GETTING OLDER!!!

    I go to college at Boston University. I meet my boyfriend in freshman year. We breakup after I found out he was cheating on me. His name is Gabriel James. My new boyfriends name is Justin Liam. I know him all throughout college, but am not friends with him until the beginning of senior year.

    Section Three: Married Life:

    Justin has light brown hair and green eyes.Justin proposes when we are on a walk through the park late at night. At the end of the park there is romantic music playing, dim light, and flowers everywhere. We get married at my hometown church. We honeymoon in Hawaii. When we come back we move into Justin's apartment, 30 minutes away from my hometown, Valley Stream NY.

    Section Four: PARENTHOOD

    My older daughter's name is Brianna Grace . After that we have twin girls named Elizabeth "Lizzy" Sophia and Emily Juliet. Justin and I adopt a 2 month old boy from England named Harry Andrew. A few years later we have triplets named Lucas "Luke" Dylan, Kyle Ethan, and Charlotte Nicole.

    Section Five-BUSY LIFE

    We have two pets. A male basset hound named Copper, and an American Short hair orange female cat named Oliver. We have blue 10 passenger bus to fit everyone. Though, I have a green Volkswagen beetle, that can only fit 5 people. We moved out of our little apartment when Elizabeth and Emily were born. The house we live in now is on the rural side of town, that has 3 floors. It has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a huge backyard with a pool and playground. Brianna, Charlotte, and Harry each have their own rooms. Obviously Justin and I have our room. Elizabeth and Emily share a room because they are twins. Lucas and Kyle share a room because they are the boy triplets.

    Section 6-Holiday Card!

    The card has red, white, and green stripes. On the cover it has a picture of all of us. Then on the inside is one with just the kids. Then one with all the girls, and one with all the boys. Under the pictures it says "Seasons greetings from Justin, Michela, Brianna, Elizabeth, Emily,Harry, Lucas, Kyle, and Charlotte. Though, under the pictures of the girls it says their names and ages, same for the boys. So it is

    Brianna age 12

    Elizabeth Sophia age 10

    Emily Juliet age 10

    Charlotte Nicole age 3

    Harry Andrew age 7

    Lucas Dylan age 3

    Kyle Ethan age 3

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  • 10 years ago

    I really don't like the name Antonia. Toni is cute though.

    1. Isabella Emily Smith. Camden, New Jersey. I have 4 brothers (Jacob Ethan, Michael Alexander, William Joshua, and Daniel Jayden) and 1 sister (Madison Abigail). Will is 2 years older than me. Jacob is 1 year younger than me. Michael is 4 years younger than me. Daniel is 7 years younger than me. Madison is 9 years younger than me.

    2. I go to Ole Miss. My first boyfriend is Noah Anthony Johnson. We meet in math class. He's an Art History major. He's tall and has strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. We broke up because I was more sad than happy. Then I started dating Christopher Aiden Williams. He's an Art Conservation major. He's tall and has auburn hair and hazel eyes.

    3. Chris brings me a teddy bear. Around the neck is a bow with a ring attatched. We get married in Central Park and honeymoon in Hawaii. We settle down in Detroit, Michigan.

    4. We have a daughter named Amelia Elizabeth Williams. Boy/girl twins named Addison Alexis and Matthew Mason. We adopt a girl from France. Her name is Amarante Avril. We then have quadruplets. Ella Natalie, Grace Lily, Alyssa Ashley, and Sarah Taylor.

    5. We have two dogs, Max and Bella. They're yorkies. We have a 2010 Suzuki Kizashi. We move to Atlanta, Georgia. I'll attatch a picture of the house:

    Well obviously me and Chris share a room. Amelia has her own room. Addison has her own room. Matthew has his own room. Amy has her own room. Ellie and Gracie share a room. Alyssa and Sarah share a room.

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  • Me
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    10 years ago


    • I'm not really a big fan, sorry.

    BNG ~


    • My name is Emily Marie Jones.

    • I am the oldest child of Sarah Louise and Leslie Alexander Jones [Sarah & Les]

    • I have two brothers who are both a lot younger than me.

    • Aidan Christopher Jones is 9 1/2 years younger than me.

    • Connar Joseph Jones is 11 years younger than me.

    • We grow up in Virginia in a 5 bedroomed house with a huuuge garden and an extra field


    • I go to Princeton

    • I met my ex when i walked into him outside my class

    • His name was Elliott Stone

    • We break up because we grew apart

    • My new BF is name Curtis Justin Barker


    • Curtis proposes on Christmas Eve when we are visiting my parents.

    • We get married in the curch that my parents got married in :)

    • We honeymoon for a week in Honolulu, Hawaii and a week in Venice, Italy

    • We move back to my hometown to be close to my parents when the babies start coming :D


    • Our first Daughter is Elena Madeline Barker [Lena]

    • The twins are identical boys named Cameron Lucas & Logan Corey [Logan & Cam] (starts with the others middle)

    • We adopt a little boy from France named Sebastien Henri [Seb]

    • Our final children are triplets, 2 girls & 1 boy, Aurora Imogen, Scarlett Evangeline & Gabriel Oliver [Rora, Carlie & Gabe]


    • We have 2 dogs - both female

    • A bernese mountain dog puppy named Saffron

    • A husky named Gypsy

    • We have 2 cars, both minivans, so we can both be avaliable to pick up the kids whenever.

    • We have an 8 bedroomed house in Alberta, Canada which we bought when we found out we were having the triplets

    • It looks like this -

    • None of the kids share, they each have thier own individual rooms that reflect their personalities.


    • Curtis and I, 36 & 34

    • Elena [Lena], 9

    • Cameron [Cam], 7

    • Logan, 7

    • Sebastian [Seb], 5

    • Aurora [Rora], 2

    • Scarlett [Carlie], 2

    • Gabriel [Gabe], 2

    ••The card, there are 9 snow'people' and 2 snowdogs on it each one with our faces/ the dogs faces on, a bit like the one in the top right -

    It would read Happy Holidays Love The Barkers xx

    VERY fun. Thanks!

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  • 10 years ago

    1st - Antonia is cute, but I prefer the boy's name "Antonio" much, much better.

    (part 1 is all true, the rest is fake)

    Section One:

    -My name is Diana, I grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island, I have 2 siblings (Ender & Jaimee): Ender is 10 years younger, Jaimee is 3 years younger.

    Section Two: I go to college at UNC, I met my 1st boyfriend in Home Economics, we broke up two months later after I met the girl he was cheating on me with at a coffee shop (who is ironically my best friend now), she introduced me to my new boyfriend Jack at a party we went to & we're still together. He has dark brown hair like me, but our eyes are different; his are hazel, mine are dark brown. He's also 5'8 & I'm 5'5.

    Section Three: Jack proposes to me at midnight on New Years' Eve, we get married in the church my mother got married in, we honeymoon in the Bahamas, and after that move to Charlotte, NC, his hometown.

    Section Four: Our first daughter is Genesis Maria, then we have twin girls (Lily & Rose), and our other kids are an adopted boy from Germany named Carlisle & fraternal triplets (Charlotte, Quinn, & Max)

    Section Five: We have 2 cats, Phobos & Deimos, 2 cars, a Ford Truck & a Volvo "van", and our house is a 3-story light purple house built in the 60's. We've lived in that house as long as we've been married- thankfully, it's pretty large (5 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms) and Genesis has her own room, Carlisle lives in the basement (rebel!), Lily & Charlotte share a room, Rose has her own room, and Quinn & Max share a room.

    Section Six: Our holiday card looks like this: <- that's all our kids! From left to right: (top) Quinn (4) and Genesis (21), (bottom) Max (4), Lily (13), Carlisle (20), Charlotte (4), and Rose (13). So Quinn, Gen, Max, Lily, Carl, Charlie, & Rose!

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  • 10 years ago

    Antonia is alright. I like the nickname Toni.

    Section One: EARLY LIFE

    My name is Gabby. I grow up in a small city in the Cleveland area. I have one sister named Sofia and she is 5 years younger than me and one brother named Andrew and he is almost 8 years younger than me.

    Section Two: GETTING OLDER!!!

    I go to Miami University OH and I meet my boyfriend Daniel at a party. He plays on the basketball team and he is funny and outgoing. However, we break up because of his busy schedule. I meet my boyfriend/future husband Jim from a mutual friend. He is witty and friendly and very handsome. He majors in sales.

    Section Three: Married Life:

    When we're both 25, Jim proposes to me at home during a game of Hangman. We get married in the Church my parents wed in and we go to Jamaica for our honeymoon. We then come home and move to the city I grew up in.

    Section Four: PARENTHOOD

    Our first daughter is named Cassandra Lynn (after my mother, Sandra). Next, we have boy/girl twins. They are named Amanda Sofia & Nicholas Andrew (both of the middle names are after my siblings). When Cassie is 6 and Amanda and Nick are 3, we decide to adopt a child. We adopt a little girl from Croatia, which is where my family originates. We name her Ana Berta Janja (after my middle name, and both of my grandmothers). A few years later, we try for one more-- but end up with sextuplets! Four girls and two boys. We have Savannah Olivia, Jovie Sabrina, Taylor Shelby, Mary Christina, Robert Joel, & Adam Gabriel.

    Section Five-BUSY LIFE

    We have two dogs-- a yellow lab named Simba and a shih tzu named Dwight. I drive a Mazda that seats up to 7 and Jim has a jeep that holds up to 7 as well. We don't move, we still live in our large Victorian house. It has 6 bedrooms including the master. Cassie has her own room since she is the oldest, Amanda & Ana share a room, Nick, Rob, and Adam share a room, Savannah & Jovie share a room, and Taylor & Mary share a room.

    Section 6-Holiday Card!

    Merry Christmas to you and have a blessed new year!

    Peace, Joy, and Love,

    Gabby, Jim, Cassie, Amanda, Nick, Ana, Savannah, Jovie, Taylor, Mary, Rob, & Adam

    **There is a collage of pictures taken throughout the year. The picture in the center is all of us sitting around our tree.

    Me: Gabriela

    Husband: James


    Cassandra-- Cassie, 17

    Amanda-- 14

    Nicholas-- Nick, 14

    Ana-- 11

    Savannah-- 7

    Jovie-- 7

    Taylor-- 7

    Mary-- 7

    Robert-- Rob, 7

    Adam-- 7

    Lots of fun!!

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  • 10 years ago


    Antonia is really pretty. I know a girl named Antonia, who is absolutely stunning, so I always think of her when I hear the name. :)

    Section One - EARLY LIFE:

    My name is Savannah. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. I have a twin brother named Kellan, a little sister named Ramona who is 6 years younger than me and a little brother named Zane who is 8 years younger than me.

    Section Two - GETTING OLDER:

    I moved to Los Angeles, and started attending USC, studying Law. I met my first boyfriend Oliver on my first day on campus. He was a Sophomore and offered to show me around. We grew closer and eventually started dating, but we soon found we were better as friends and broke up. We remained close friends. I met my second boyfriend Seth at a club in my Junior year. We instantly clicked and started dating.

    Section Three - MARRIED LIFE:

    I had just graduated from college and on my birthday Seth surprised me with a trip to Paris! While we were there, he dragged me to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and proposed! Of course I said yes, and less than a year later we married on a beautiful beach in Jamaica. It was simple and small, just the way I wanted it. We honeymooned in The Bahamas, and had the time of our lives. When we returned, we decided to buy a house in Newport Beach and start a family.

    Section Four - PARENTHOOD:

    Seth and I started trying for children right away, but after a over a year, I still wasn't pregnant. Then, on Christmas Eve, we got some amazing news! 7 months later, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Freya Violet, 6 weeks premature. When Freya was almost 2, we learned we were expecting again, but this time it was twins! That Winter, we welcomed Liviana Rose and Julian Cole into the world. 3 years later, we got some devastating news. Oliver, whom I dated in college, and his wife, Amelia had died in a tragic car crash, leaving their 14-month old daughter Madeleine Lily behind. I was Maddie's godmother, and so Seth and I adopted her. When Freya was 8, the twins were 6 and Madeleine was 4, I gave birth to triplets, Levi Benjamin, Zachary Finn and Genevieve Ruby.

    Section Five - BUSY LIFE:

    We love animals in our household, and we have plenty of them! Levi, Zach, Genevieve and Maddie all ride horses, and each have their own. Maddie's horse is Lexie, Levi has Orion, Zach has Lennon and Genevieve has Athena. We have a bulldog named Madden, 2 pomeranians named Alba and Harriett, a chihuahua named Cali and a yorkshire terrier named Mac.

    I drive a black convertible Lexus and a navy Mercedes jeep. Seth drives a charcoal grey Range Rover. We live in a large house in Newport Beach, California.

    Room Arrangements:

    Seth and I.


    Liviana and Madeleine.


    Zach and Levi.


    Section 6 - HOLIDAY CARD:

    This is a card 10 years on from when the triplets were born.

    Savannah. 35 years old.

    Seth. 37 years old.

    Freya. 18 years old. (Frey)

    Liviana. 16 years old. (Liv)

    Julian. 16 years old.

    Madeleine. 14 years old. (Maddie)

    Levi. 10 years old.

    Zachary. 10 years old. (Zach)

    Genevieve. 10 years old. (Gen)

    Our Christmas card is simple. It is the whole family standing on the staircase in the foyer of our home. Beautiful!


    I LOVED this.! It gave me something to do for a good 40 minutes.! :)

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  • 10 years ago

    I'd love to play! :) But I'm not answering in paragraphs. I don't have time for that, sorry.

    Antonia is a nice name, but it's not really my style. I prefer Antoinette.


    • Kayla Marie.

    • Gatlinburg, TN.

    • Kara Leigh [2 years older], Stephanie Elizabeth [(Stephy) 5 years older], Nicholas Joseph [(Nick) 7 years older].


    • Northwest University.

    • We meet at college. His name is Aaron Michael.

    • We break up after a few months.

    • Nathan Alexander.


    • beach at night.

    • a small Tennessee chapel lodged in the Smoky Mountains.

    • Italy.

    • Nashville, TN.


    • Eva Josephine.

    • Nathaniel Jude & Nora Joy.

    • Lucia Rosa [adopted from Italy].

    • James Alistair & Delia Genevieve.


    • female black lab named Lela, male orange cat named Felix, female white cat named Gypsy.

    • Chevrolet Cobalt.

    • nice 8-bedroom family home in Nashville.


    • Kayla (35), Nathan (34), Eva (13), Nathaniel (11), Nora (11), Lucia (7), James (8), & Delia (8).

    • Evie, Nate, Nonie, Lucy, Jay, & Lia.

    Very fun! ♥

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  • 10 years ago

    My name'll be Katrina Rosali Lane I grow up in buffalo New York. I have 5 siblings. They are 5 year old quintuplets and i am 15 so 10 years apart. I go to berkley college and met my boyfriend in science he had brown hair and green eys my new boyfriend has blonde hair and brown eyes. My husbands name is Eric Jonathon Ren. he purposed to me my the twin towers destuction. We went Chicago, Illinois for our honeymoon.We got married in buffalo new york at our favorite restraunt and moved to Chicago. Our first daughter is named Rosalinda Grace Ren. and two years later we had twind two girls named Jessica and Jordynn. We then adopted a girl named Olivia and had quintuplets shortly after. all five girls named, Lia, Addiline, Rebecca, Hanna, and Lucy. We have a dog named Carmen and a rabbit named Sunny and a turlte name Tilli. We have an suv and a pick-up we also have a mustang and a hummer. our house is a very big farm house and has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Rosalinda and Olivia share a rooom. Jessica and Jordynn share a room. Lia and Addiline share a room Rebecca, Hanna, and Lucy share a room and Eric and I share a room. We moved to California.

    our holiday card has a picture of all of us and it says "We bring love, joy, and happiness to your life.

    Love the Rens"












    12.Carmen(Cam) 2-the dog

    13.Sunny(Sunshine)1 month-the bunny

    14Tilli(Titi)8-the turtle

    This was totally made up and i had so much fun doing it :) thanks for the entertainment :P

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