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What can I cook using these ingredients?

Okay, so my boyfriend is coming over for his weekly meal that I cook for him. Problem is, is that I really don't have enough money to go buy some more ingredients, but I do have a few ingredients on hand. I have the following: potatoes, about two cups of pasta, velveeta cheese, a big can of tuna, 1 can of green beans, 1 can of corn, pickle relish, beans, parmesan cheese, and olive oil. Do you all have any idea of what I could make and how to make it? Thank you!

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    Tuna pasta bake

    Tuna fish patties with mashed potato,corn & green beans

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    Sorry if any of these sound disgusting! :/

    1) Potato Pasta:

    Cook the pasta and potatoes

    cut the potatoes

    mix them together.

    2) For a side dish perhaps, you can mix green beans and corn.

    Get the green beans and corn

    cook them

    mix them together

    3) Cheese and Beans

    Cook the beans

    Melt the cheese

    Pore the cheese on the beans

    4) Tuna Pasta

    Cook the tuna and pasta

    Mix it together

    5) I think you should see if you can mix any of these ingredients together.

    See whats healthy.

    See whats tasty.

    And try to make your own meals!

    Hope this helps, and good luck!


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    Cook pasta and mix in green beans, corn, tuna, a little oil and serve hot or cold with the parmesan. Potatoes and weird synthetic cheese do not go with the other ingredients.

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    boil the potatoes, yes all of them, cook the pasta all of it, and add the cheese to it, open the tuna green beans and corn Put the potatoes, pasta, veggies and tuna in a bowl and toss them all together, add the pickle relish, beans, parmesan and olive oil.

    That should feed him sufficiently for the week!!

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    Pasta-cooked, velveeta, tuna, green beans, corn. Bake and serve. Tuna noodle casserole.

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    Well if you had cream cheese and milk you could mix them and make alfredo sauce.

    Just pan fry potatoes and cook the pasta adding light oil and parmesan.

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    make some tuna pasta. you know like tuna helper, but home made. And then you can make some potatoes with it. lol mashed or baked. however you like them.

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