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how to know when my cameron apples are ripe?

the skin is kind of pale green, with the purple stripes, and i know thats what they look like when ripe, but how can i tell if they are ripe, aside from harvesting and hope for the best. I have never eaten them before and just got the plant out of curiostity from my local nursery, about 10 months ago.

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    The birds will know, and the squirrels will know, watch for them, Or pick one as soon as it colors up and cut it in half and take a bite, if it taste good eat it, you may need to then harvest the rest of them, and refrigerate. If you have too many give to a zoo, only if you don't use pesticides, or donate to a homeless shelter, my lemons go to a church for their tea.

    Source(s): I knew when my sunflower plant head turned down and half was eaten by the birds and squirrels. Sego nursery said to me, look at your plant and you will know, they didn' t tell me how I would know, just that I would know. Go to the place your purchased your tree and ask them what color to look for. I don't grow that one here in Calif. it's just not cold enough, meaning it may need more hours of cold for it to produce. Don't for get to fertilize and ask them what months do you start to do so.
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    Cameron Apple Plant

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    They're not really Cameron apples though, those are pepino melons.

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