Is the following answer posted in reply to my question about Young Earth Creationist Christians typical of....?

.....their beliefs or is just an eccentric position of a few:

"i don't think there is time in the universe. Man invented time, clocks and calendars, because we age and die. Galaxies far away from us aren't younger or older. They just are."

If that is a typical viewpoint, I am shocked. Don't most YEC Christians agree with contemporary science in considering time to be one of the dimensions (and part of space-time) which God created? Or do they indeed think that time was created by humans? (Physicists are sure to choke on that one.)

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>maybe but you shouldnt repeat it without their permission..

Wrong. Anyone posting on Yahoo Answers has willfully waived their rights of exclusive copyright to their words so that their posts can freely be used within the intended purposes of Yahoo Answers. See the Yahoo Answers Terms of Service. Once again Fireball has claimed knowledge of things of which she is ignorant.

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  • 10 years ago
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    It's well within the range of replies from y.e.c. believers.

    About 40% of Americans believe in y.e.c.That's not a small number.Lying for religion is still lying.

    QTpi-your sarcasm doesn't always come through.This is one of those times.Your answer comes across as godbot.

    Edit:KD-pick up a real science book,specifically one on astronomy.Your ignorance of science is appalling.

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  • Not sure if it is typical but most YEC's seem determined to force the universe to fit their beliefs. However he is slightly correct. Man did not invent time but time is definitely relative. A day here is much different from a day on say Jupiter and the same with a year. However he is wrong in saying that distant galaxies don't have different ages. We can see the past by examining the far reaches of the universe.

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  • 10 years ago

    God created time, not man. Man simply measures it. The galaxies around us are also a creation of God. As a YEC I believe they were created at the same time everything else was created. There are many things that astronomers still do not know about the galaxies, light, and time. Simply because the other galaxies are millions of light years away, that doesn't rule out a young earth.


    Ask any astronomer what is known to be a fact. You will see that there are many things about this universe that astronomers can only speculate about. In fact, they assume that the stars are like our sun, but they cannot prove that. They are unsure of what space is. They are not sure the speed of light is consistent or not. They are not even sure what light is. I have read several astronomy books. I have also read geology books, biology books, and other such scientific material. Don't assume that I have no idea what I am talking about simply because I don't agree with you.

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  • 4 years ago

    a properly prepared and concept out question. considering that no person's answering, i will take a shot. a million. We probable recommend 'genus', yet we actually do no longer know what your definitions recommend. we've not got a situation telling the version between a poultry and a crocodile, and understand that they are able to't mate. 2. There are some elementary procedures to examine this. that's no longer that scientists are not clever (even nevertheless many have agendas), yet they are able to be actually fooled by potential of an all-powerful deity. possibly god set up the international just to look this form. particular, we are terrified of nuclear weapons and skill vegetation. are not you? 3. howdy, once you have purely have been given 6000 years to artwork with, there is truly no time for speciation to diverse types. constrained time (in and of itself) is the proscribing ingredient right here. We in basic terms can no longer think of 'billions' of years. It isn't smart to the human ideas or human situation.

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  • 10 years ago

    I do not know if that person was a Young Earth Creationist Christian or not but I do believe that there is such a thing as time. The Bible even talks about time. God created time when he created the universe.

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  • 10 years ago

    It could be. Once someone has taken the illogical step of embracing a sky clown, they are likely to adopt any number of nonsensical theories and accept them as fact.

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