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Good place to study in France for a year? D:?

Hi, i am a high school student living in Australia. i am planning to go on an exchange student in France in year 11 for a year (in the autumn this year). And i want to know where in France will be good to study (as in like good education, good educational system for high school students etc.) and also has lots of things to do, great scenery and nice weather. I narrowed down to Nice, Midi Pyrenees, Rennes and Paris but if there's a better place that fits into my criteria, you can mention it. I actually wanted to go either South East (Nice) or the South West (Midi Pyrenees etc.) of France because of the great scenery and nice weather, nice people, but i don't know if it's good to study there because i couldn't really find anyone saying that they are good places to study and i saw some people wrote on the internet that there's not much to do there... My mum's friend recommanded either Nice or Rennes. Nice because she once studied there and Rennes because it is good for the students (good education) but as i researched on the net about Rennes, they say it is good for the studting purpose but for me there wasn't much to do there, it doesn't have the scenery as good as other parts of France and seemed kinda boring (no offence to anyone who likes Rennes) so i don't know where to go... FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT TO HELP ME PLEASE GIVE ME IMMEDIATE ANSWERS. ANYONE WHO HAVE BEEN TO FRANCE, WHO KNOWS ABOUT VARIETIES OF REGIONS IN FRANCE OR HAVE STUDIES THERE. I WANT TO KNOW ANY REGION IN FRANCE THAT IS GOOD TO STUDY IN FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS BUT ALSO HAS MANY ACTIVITIES AVAILABLE AND HAS GREAT SCENERIES/WEATHER AS I WANT TO STUDY UNDER THE GOOD EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM BUT I ALSO AM VERY ACTIVE, WHERE I CAN FEEL FRANCE THE MOST AND IS RELATIVELY SAFE.

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    France is a very safe country and you'll feel secure wherever you go.

    Have to agree that Rennes is not that interesting. You mention Midi Pyrenees, but haven't listed any of the towns there. Is Toulouse one of the options? If so, give this city some serious consideration. It's a beautiful place, plenty to do, and is a city full of young people.

    Not sure about Nice, but I guess you've got the beach in summer.

    While Paris will be lovely remember that your host family will most likely be in the suburbs, well out of the city centre. But there will still be plenty to do there.

    Another city worth considering is Lyon.

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