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I Need A Correct English To Spanish And English To Portuguese Translator Online One Or A Real Person!?

Hi so I need a correct English to Spanish and English to Portuguese translator so I can post things online as English, Spanish, and Portuguese because I have noticed that a lot of other non-American countries are becoming popular on online games, and forums. So I am helping out a friend that plays CityVille( Facebook game), yes i know lame, but I'm really bored and he needed me to help because he helping his dad with something and doesn't have the time to do this today

so this is what i need to be translated

Hey CityVille Players! I Need Some More Neighbors So I Can Hire For Staff!!!!!!!! I Am Active, I Just Started Playing And I'm Hooked!! I Gift Often, Mainly Gift +3 Energy But If You Ask If You Need Something Other Than Energy I Will Gladly Help!!! Since I'm Active I Will Help Your City As Much As I Can, Collecting Rent, Harvesting Crops/Watering, And Tour Buses!!! So Just Add Me!!!! Tell Your Friends Too!!

so i tried Google Translate( www.translate.google.com ) but im in spanish at school and i don't know much yet.. but i do know that translating English to Spanish word for word would not make sense to someone that spoke Spanish and that sometimes the words are placed differently in Spanish than in English. i am not sure if Google's translator puts it how a normal Spanish person would speak it. I also know that in spanish they use "¿" and "¡" (upside down exclamation point) and when i use google translate it doesn't have the "¡" at the beginning of a sentence when translated to spanish. so i added a "!" in the english side at the beginning it becomes different.

Examples of what im talking about:

{(En) means English (Sp) means Spanish}

En: Hey CityVille Players! comes to Sp: Hey CityVille Jugadores!

but when i add the ! in front of Hey it makes this:

En: !Hey CityVille Players! comes to Sp: !Los jugadores CityVille Hey!

See what i mean? so i'm confused and i don't want to confuse anyone else that can't understand what i'm saying in Spanish. So is Google Translate translating correctly or is it incorrect? if not you can either give me a free online translator that does it correctly or you can translate it yourself. i would rather have a online translator so i don't have to ask again but translating yourself will work too.

This was translated from English to Portuguese using Google Translate and i have no idea about this language.

Hey CityVille Jogadores! Preciso de alguns vizinhos mais Então eu posso contratar para Funcionários !!!!!!!! Eu sou ativo, eu comecei a jogar e eu estou viciado! Presente eu Muitas vezes, principalmente Presente 3 Energia Mas se você perguntar se precisa de algo que não seja eu Energia terão prazer em ajudá! Desde que eu estou Active Vou ajudar sua cidade tanto quanto eu posso, coletando o aluguel, a colheita das culturas / Rega e ônibus de turismo! Então só me add!! Informe seus amigos também!

English to Spanish using Google Translate.

Hey CityVille Jugadores! Necesito un poco de los vecinos más, así que se puede contratar para Personal !!!!!!!! Soy activo, Acabo de empezar a jugar y estoy enganchado! A menudo me regalo, principalmente de regalo tres Energía Pero si le preguntas si necesita algo distintas de las que la energía estará encantado de ayudarle! Ya que estoy activo que le ayudará a su ciudad tanto como puedo, recogida del alquiler, la cosecha de cultivos / Riego, y autobuses turísticos! Así que me acaba de agregar!! Dile a tus amigos también!

Thanks For Anyone That Helps!!!


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    ¡Oye Jugadores de CityVille! ¡¡Necesito a Algunos Vecinos Más Entonces Puedo Alquilar Para el Personal!!!!!!!! ¡¡Soy Activo, yo Juego Sólo Comenzado y soy Enganchado!! ¡¡Yo Regalo a Menudo, Principalmente Regalo 3 Energía Pero Si Usted Pregunta Si Usted Necesita Otra Cosa Que la Energía que Voy a de Buena gana ¡Socorro !!! ¡¡Ya que soy Activo Ayudaré a Su Ciudad Tanto como Puedo, Coleccionando el Alquiler, la Recolección Pace/Riega, y Autobuses de Viaje!!! ¡¡Tan Sólo Añádame!!!! ¡¡Diga a Sus Amigos También!! Thats spanish

    Eh Jogadores de CityVille! Preciso de Um Pouco mais Vizinhos Portanto Posso Alugar para o Pessoal!!!!!!!! Sou Ativo, eu Jogo Somente Começado E sou Enganchado!! Eu Presente Muitas Vezes, Principalmente Presente 3 Energia Mas Se Você Perguntar Se Você Precisa de Outra Coisa do Que a Energia que Faço Alegremente Socorro!!! Desde que sou Ativo Ajudarei A sua Cidade Tanto Como Posso, Reunindo Aluguel, Colhendo Colheitas/Rega, E Ônibus de Viagem!!! Tão Somente Acrescente-me!!!! Diga aos Seus Amigos Também!! And thats Portuguese

    Please I'm the only one in five hours to answer, can you give me 10 pts?

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    There are NO reliable translators on line. All of them are just so terrible. And on top of that, you'd like to have something which goes into that much detail???? If I were you, I'd try to get a good, normal, traditional dictionary. There are excellent ones which will show where the word, in brackets, is used. And there are others called 'Advanced Learners Dictionary' which are great since they'll give you examples to show how the words are used.

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