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Wing chun footwork/practicing the forms?

I've done research into wing chun and has taken a few classes and got books and do other martial arts, but i was wondering, how does wing chun footworking work? Also, how do you properly practice siu nim tau, chum kiu, and biu tze? I've heard you have to like set up triangles in your stance (the common wing chun stance) where precisely are these (and how u use it also for a thrusting punch)? And one last question, how do you achieve internal power from practicing siu nim tau? Sorry if i seem like a noob, but i've just been wondering about these for quite some time now.

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    There are various approaches to footwork. There is no one answer.

    Eg., Bill Cheung teaches 50/50, Augustine Fong teaches 70/30, my sifu teaches 80/20.

    Some wing chun people even teach a "cat stance" with a tan sau guard, that is 0/100!

    The key is to keep the shoulders level and the hips under the shoulders.

    One thing though, if you spar a karate man or a boxer/kickboxer, just move normally. No wing chun

    man really uses triangle stepping and circle stepping to chase a boxer all over the room.

    If you did that you would be exhausted after two minutes.

    Please ask your sifu go to into more detailed explanations ans drills. If he cannot teach footwork well, perhaps you need to seek out another sifu. I do not know your sifu and I mean no disrespect at all, but in my experience there are quite a few Caucasian-Americans who teach wing chun commercially and are certified only by themselves. Because of the widepsread knowledge that Bruce Lee did wing chun in his formative years, some people will go to any wing chun school they can find just to get a piece of Bruce Lee's art. This opens the door for wing chun students who are not qualified to teach. IDK if this happens in our smarter neighbor to the North, or not.

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    Wing Chun Footwork

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    You have to be patient and wait for your teacher to explain the footwork to you.

    I would not rely on advice given by most people here concerning Wing Chun Kuen. Most of the Wing Chun fans here are just that - fans, and nothing more. They have nothing of value to share with you. You're better off watching some video on Youtube and just networking on forums with sections dedicated to Wing Chun Kuen.

    Watch the Master Wong videos on YT.

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    Thats what u go to classes to learn. Just ask ur Sifu. Thats what u pay for.

    Source(s): Common Sense
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    I don't know about Master Wong's lineage but one thing is for sure. He teaches good stuff and he's funny. Here's his channel

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