I was just on omegle video chat and everyone was calling me ugly?

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i always get disconnected by hot guys, and so many people there have said i;m ugly. i suppose there is a greater amount that have called me cute or hot or beautiful or something. but ...show more
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some people just like to mess with other people, because they feel lousy about themselves. don't take it personally - it just means that those people are people who have already gotten bullied a lot and they want to take it out on someone else. If you have such negative experiences on anonymous chat sites, then maybe you should try something not anonymous, like Facebook Video Chat Rounds -- people tend to be less obnoxious because they know you can track them down on their profile later!


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  • Zohrab answered 3 years ago
    No doubt every one is beautiful in many aspects....... but


    Never feel something if some one calls you ugly and never demand more.
    If you want to amuse your beauty always watch the people who are less beautiful then you then you will come to know the blessings of Allah. (Mhd, saw)

    Then you will come to know how beautiful you are. .. and be satisfied with what you are.
    People can say anything you cant stop them if you will not give response to any one He may say you that you are ugly.......hhaha . its nature.
    So its happens to many people not only you its not mean that you are really ugly... You should remain with some one for whom you r beautiful.....simple...
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    You know that it is a proven fact that good looking people are always the most judgmental, hurtful and rude people alive. Besides, everyone has different taste and judgments, you just ran into the wrong people. I think your pretty and I don't even know what you look like :)
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
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  • After Effect Chat answered 3 years ago

    Problem with a lot of chat rooms is they collect rude chatters, most these people get online to feel tough. It's sad, but... if you like to chat i have a solution for you, i own a chat room with users all over the world. We have moderators to remove the rude chatters and pervs, our chatters know one another and it's a real friendly environment. Our chat does have Cam and Voice capabilities as well as good old fashioned text chat. Our software is state of the art and uses flash instead of the crappy java chats. Hope you come check us out!


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  • Lesley M answered 3 years ago
    Everybody likes something different. Find someone who finds you beautiful and ignore the ones who don't.
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  • Laura answered 3 years ago
    omg dont take it to heart ppl on chat rooms like being ***** because its self satisfactory for them
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