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what is aboriginal means in Canada?

what is aboriginal means in Canada

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    Aboriginal really has no meaning in Canada.....they are the peoples native to Australia. Here, indigenous peoples are referred to as First Nations, Inuit, Native Americans or just Indians....although that is no longer the correct term, we generally don't care.

    Source(s): First Nations Anishinaabe Ojibwe.
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    Aboriginal means the original population - the people who lived in Canada before the colonists came. There are several theories about how they first arrived in Canada - the most widely accepted is that they came across a land bridge, over the what is today the Bering Sea. But another theory is they originally came from Asia, by sea - along the Aleutian chain. It took thousands of years for small bands of people to travel in those times, but however they arrived (and they may well have arrived by several different routes) they were the people who first settled the country.

    At one time they were called 'Indians' because some of the early adventurers thought Canada was actually India - it wasn't, but the native people in Canada may well have come from what is today India, so in a weird way, that was a correct name.

    Today they are called First Nations people, or Inuit people.

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    The aboriginals are the natives to Canada, like the people that were first here, Like in the states they call them "indians" which is incorrect, because the only reason they are called that is when columbus went to america, he thought that he was in india and so he called them indians..

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    These are the original inhabitants of Canada, living here before Europeans arrived.

    They are thought to be descendants of people who came over Berengia, the land bridge between Alaska and Siberia. There were at least 2 waves of migration, one about 30 to 50,000 years ago, and another about 8 to 12,000, at least according to gene mapping.

    There are two broad types: "Indians," those living below the tree line, and "Inuit," (used to be called Eskimos), who live above it.

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    Aboriginals are natives, or "indians" as some people may call them (however, this is not a politically correct term). Aboriginals are the first people native to the Canadian lands.

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    Look at them as they are today. Perhapse you can write about their struggles with maintaining their heritage, the encroachmentof miningand construction on their sacred and religiously significant sites, the issues that racism play in their daily lives? How do the Europeans view them, as people holding on to an antequated way of life or impeding progress or living the mythos of the "Noble Savage"?

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