How do you port forward on a Netgear DG834GSP v3?

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I want to forward port 27015 so I can host a Garry's Mod or Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Server. I have looked all over the Internet and I can only get results for a Netgear DG834G v3, more
Update : I found services but it only gives me the option to put in a port and more
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this is a pretty generic guide so you'll have to do a bit of figuring out for your self as to what goes where but first off you need to know your ip address so click start and then run then type cmd
in the black window that opens up type ipconfig what you need is the ipv4 address it should look something like 123.456.7.8 etc take a note of that then you need to open up an internet window and type in then you should get your config window up, put in your username and password (default is admin and password) now this is where you need to have a bit of a hunt normally netgear call there port forwarding section something like services but it could also be called routing or something else entirely so go from there once you've found it you'll see somewhere to input an ip address and a port put in the ip address you found earlier and the port you want to forward and your done, you'll also need to set up a static ip as well but there are hundreds of tuts online as to how to do that .

hope this helps
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