What are good replacement car speakers?

I had a window leak a while back and the water ended up running into my driver front speaker and i guess it shorted or something because now even a little sound coming out of it is just horrible buzzing. So I'm replacing the speaker, but I figured instead of just ordering a new factory speaker, why not just replace them all with some decent ones. The cars 10 years old and keeps popping up with more little issues (like this) so for all I know, the other ones will just cut out soon. I have a 2001 pontiac firebird, I'm not sure what the factory speakers are but they've always been better than I would expect and I want to get some that are as good or a little better without breaking myself. I also need a new radio (the one I have now shorted until the paint on the buttons melted off and the display went out, it also has stopped playing cds and most radio stations wont pick up anymore) And a new antenna (the firebird antennas go down into the car when the radio is turned off but something has happened to mine and it wont go up and down anymore, you can't even push it down but it makes a bunch of noise when you turn the radio off). Anyone ever heard of that happening to an antena? Is it a motor or the antena or what? What do I need to replace there? I used to have a place that I took my car to that was awesome and they always knew what was worng and could order the parts for me and fix it but with al the crap going on, they closed down, now the only thing around here are places like Auto Zone and I dont like them (my sister went there for a mustang battery recently and the person actually asked her who made mustangs. Lower your hiring standards much there Auto Zone?)

In any case, I know Crutchfield is a good place for speakers but I have no idea what I'm looking at and what I need. And where can you even buy a new antenna?

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  • 9 years ago
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    for speakers you should look at pioneer or rockford fosgate. rockford fosgates are slightly more expensive but might be slightly better as well. pioneer offers more options based on your needs. i would also recommend a pioneer radio. as for the antennae, that is not my area of expertise, and i suggest you take that to crutchfield or another car repair establishment. hope this helps

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  • 4 years ago

    have you ever set the excellent settings on your amp/hu to verify your audio equipment. there is LP (low bypass) HP (extreme bypass) and AB or comprehensive (crossover) once you have a speaker that has shall we are saying 3 factors ontop eachothers, set it to comprehensive (its likely tweeter/mid/bass. I asume its comparable on a 5 way speaker equipment, which you placed it to AB/comprehensive. in view that there are actually not different settings like for it on amps.

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