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Why Are Video Games More Expensive Than Movies?

DVDs are only like $10 - $20, while video games are around $60!!!!! It's hard to belive they're much more expensive when some movies have really badass special effects and a bunch of crazy stunts and other dangerous stuff, while to make video games you usually just sit at a computer and use some kind of software to make the game, Also, in movies you have to pay actors. In video games you usually only have voice actors but now they're starting to motion capture actors so the video game characters move more realisticly. And you also have to remember video games usually have you going back and playing it over and over again, and if it has multiplayer it's basically unlimited gameplay. While movies you usually see once and then never see them again (unless it's really good or you get bored at home) What do you think?

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    Yep, you've got at least part of it right. Many people only watch a movie a couple times before it gets boring, while lots of video games have great re-play options and take 20 times longer to complete!

    Plus, games can take 3 years to complete, give or take depending on the game.

    And you've got the motion actors and all of that technology, which is all extremely expensive.

    Finally, they're selling at a price that people are still willing to deal with... if buyers are willing to go for it, then they'll sell it at that price... go for what they can get.

    Finally, your stores all want to make a profit, so they tack on quite a bit themselves. Dang you retail!

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    The reason has to do with supply and demand. More people demand movies over video games, they get a bigger audience and as a result are able to charge less and still make a lot of profit just by the sheer mass of numbers.

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    I bought "Rome: Total War" about six years ago and I've got about 2000 hours of play out of it-not the original of course, but thanks to a great online gamer crowd and a lot of mods. I think I pais about $80 for it and a couple of add ons (Alexander, Barbarian Invasion). I still play it.

    My favorite movie I've seen about 22 times. I know every word of the dialog. I don't think I could watch it again. I paid $15 for a ticket to see it at the cinema, and bought the DVD for $20 or so.

    $80 / 2000 hours vs $35 / 44 hours to see cost in $ per hour of entertainment.

    Video games work out to be much cheaper than a movie in terms of cost per hour of entertainment.

    Even if I buy a total P.O.S. game for $10 I still get a few hours out of it-for example "East India Company" was a total bugfest with so many stupid flaws even after it was patched to "Designers' Cut" 1.2 version I gave up after a total of 30 hours. I was mildly entertained when the game actually worked without crashing or doing something ridiculous like sending a fleet through the entire African landmass or deleting my favorite captain for no reason ("Hey? Where'd my frigates go?") until I reached my "RAGEQUIT" thresh hold and I frisbee'ed the disk into traffic. I still got satisfaction from the Frisbee action! So one hour of "WTF??" and 30 hours of "Oh, that's pretty cool" for $10 is better than anything Hollywood is offering. Crappy remakes of old movies / TV shows / comic books at $12 an hour or so just can't compete with GTA or COD, especially when you play online.

    Hollywood can kiss my donkey.

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    Movies have a fixed outcome.

    Games have an outcome that can be controlled and experienced by an individual as if they are the one affected by it, which makes it a more enjoyable experience, in my opinion.

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    Video games have suprisingly way more technology plus replayability

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    video games attract the youth of the world

    and most kids are willing to buy games for entertainment

    so that leave companies to set there prices high

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    well video games are like movies you can control the outcome and its basically a movie with interactive parts woot go technology!

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    i think its probably like you said a movie can be finished in a hours or more of just watching it and it can get boring just watching that movie over and over again and a game probably take more time making than a movie idk , but its hard for a game to get boring well some of them , that's my opinion

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    I watch movies one time..... and games, have A LOT more replay...

    and movies you dont have part on the good stuff, its already done for you...

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