Installing downloaded file help please!?

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I downloaded zoo tycoon 2 + all expansions in one pck/download and these are the instructions given with it: step 1) to install Zoo Tycoon 2 run setup from [Zoo Tycoon 2 folder] more
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Mount I believe means "to put" or "place" that file where they ask and then to run it from there.

So for example on step two I believe it means take the "rld-ztaa.iso" that is located in from [Zoo Tycoon 2 - African Adventure folder] and then click right click "run" or right click on that "rld-ztaa.iso" to install it.

Typically I only ever hear the word mount being used when doing installations if a Mac is involved. In which case after you double click on the "rld-ztaa.iso" you should see a new window open up that says mount as well. It will likely prompt you to drag that file to a location where it can installed.


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  • castleon answered 3 years ago
    OK, thief, you mount an ISO using a virtual drive. Go get CloneDrive from
    Either right click the ISO and select mount or double click it.. and so on.

    OR get ImgBurn and burn them to a disk and run them from there.
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