So, my girlfriend is reading all of my emails, texts, etc... before i'm allowed to delete them.?

A couple months ago before I moved in with her I messed up a little. I told her I wasnt going to drink, and I did. I told her I wouldnt talk to a certain friend anymore(as she had interest in me) and I went over to her house to play some chess with her and her mom, but ended up drinking. We didnt kiss or have sex or anything, but it made my gf reaaaaally mad that I lied to her. Now I cant drink, and she screens all my emails and texts. She still does it after 2 months and probably isnt ever going to stop. Is this healthy? Would you allow that to take place, or would you just tell her to trust you?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Before you're "allowed" to delete them? The trust in this relationship is so broken it may be beyond repair...

    She won't let you even talk or associate with a friend because she is interested in you? That is called controlling. She has jealousy issues to the point that it is unhealthy. This is what it has come to because of whatever it is that you did. You need to see that. Really see what you've driven her to.

    But if she plans on staying in this relationship. She needs to work with you to build trust again. And this means that you_should_not_lie_ about anything to her. Or it will make it worse. Make her more paranoid.

    If you both still after all of that want to try and salvage what you have left. Couples counseling is the way to go... You BOTH have to make 100% effort to make this work. One person cannot carry the burden of a relationship for long if at all.

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  • RAWR
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    10 years ago

    She still probably feels insecure. I mean you did really mess up, I would be extremely upset if my boyfriend went to a girls house that liked him. Though you say you did nothing she can't prove it. Let her continue to do what she is doing and eventually she will stop and trust you again.

    Trust is one of the most hardest things to gain, and easiest to lose.

    Maybe you can do things to help you gain her trust again.

    I would tell them to trust me but I would allow them to continue to look if they really wanted to.

    If you really want this relationship you won't put a halt on this behavior, maybe if it never ends then you should. But two months really isn't that long.

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  • Poppet
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    10 years ago

    Not healthy. Control freak issues. Move on.

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