Tips and suggestions on keeping a healthy bubble eye goldfish?

Before I begin, I apologise for this being so very long. SORRY!

So I'm considering getting a bubble eye goldfish. They're so adorable! I'm aware that they're a very delicate breed, so I want to make sure that I get all the preparation ready and right. I have quite a few questions, so please bear with me. Also, I live in Brisbane in Australia so I'll have to get all my supplies locally. So no American store suggestions or whatever, please. ;p

1) SOCIAL: Is it okay to keep a lone bubble eye? I know goldfish are social creatures, so will it get bored on its own?

2) TANK SIZE: From research, it looks like the tank needs to be pretty big, about 75 litres or 20 gallons. How much space will that take? I read somewhere that bubble eyes like shallow tanks, so to maintain the volume the base will have to be huge! I'm at uni and I live in a residential college apartment shared with other people. Will it fit in an average bedroom? Any tank suggestions? Brands?

3) SIZE: How big will it grow when mature? Different sites say different things.

4) FOOD: Suggestions for pellet food? Brands? Types? I'll probably feed it lettuce and peas as well, the latter which I think is good for swim bladder problems? Any other veggies that’s good for them? Probably no live food.

5) ILLNESS: Susceptible diseases for particular breed? Will be purchasing from a local pet store. How are their conditions, usually? Fish generally healthy?

6) FILTER: Tank filter required? I’m not keen on it. Bubble eyes don’t like a lot of current, but they need oxygen. Will a large surface area of water be enough?

7) DECORS: Suggestions for tank decorations? What are some compatible aquatic plants that won’t burst bubble sacs? (No plastics.) Will sand be okay to put at the bottom instead of gravel and rocks?

8) WATER: Preferred water quality? What is hardness? Is it possible to not have to buy water-control products and simply stand water or use cold boiled/filtered water? Also, is room temperature okay? (I live in Brisbane with no aircon or heater.) Will I require a heater?

9) PLACEMENT: Tank placement in light or shade? (Would like to ensure that colours don’t fade.)

9) TEMPERAMENT: How to train to hand-feed? Is it easy to hand-feed? With its bad eyesight, will it recognise me upon sight, or voice?

10) RATING: Overall rating (out of ten, ten being great!) and level of care rating (out of ten, ten being hardest!).

Thank you SOOOO much! Sorry for the length once again! Any help would be appreciated. :D

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    Hello! You may get different answers on each question, but here's what I learned/think is best:

    1) Goldfish are social, and would prefer a friend. I had an oranda about a year back that was alone in my pond for a few months. I felt sorry for it and bought a comet and they always swim together! I gave them to my gradnmother because she has a much larger pond, and the oranda also swims with the koi. My two new ones are also always together!

    2) In an aquarium, at least 20-30 gallons per fancy goldfish. In a large aquarium/pond they can grow up to a foot long!

    3) Can grow up to a foot long, but usually stay a little smaller.

    4) I would give a variety of food - pellets, flakes, brine shrimp, blood worms (you can get these dried) and veggies are good. Peas, cucumber, lettuce, etc. You can try these.

    5) Well, when choosing your goldfish make sure it's brightly colored, swimming, interacting with the other fish (in any way), reacts when you put your finger by the glass (does he swim to it, away, or just kinda floats there?). Make sure there are no strange growths, white spots, or any abnormal things on him.

    6) Yes, a filter is a good thing to have. This helps keep the bacteria alive which feed on fish waste, which would otherwise turn int toxic ammonia! You can put some thick, silk plants in front of the filter to minimize current.

    7) Silk plants are great if you don't want to care for plants and won't be eaten/uprooted easily by your goldfish. I'm not an expert on plants, so it's best to check what your LFS sells. Avoid sharp or decorations, as this ma burst one of the bubbles!

    8) Goldfish are really hardy! You should use tap water with a conditioner that removes chlorine and harmful metals in the tap before introducing your goldfish/ replacing any evaporated water/re filling after a water change. You can buy this at the et store. Goldfish don't need heaters, as they like the water to be around 70F although they can withstand warmer and colder.

    9) Avoid direct sunlight, as this will warm up the tank and can promote algae growth (not that algae is bad, it's just unattractive at times).

    10) Feed it by hand every day and soon your goldfish will be friendly! Make sure you don't tap the glass too hard, move your hand too much in the water when feeding, anything that can scare him. And yes, your goldfish can recognize you. All my fish, even the littlest guppies, come up to me when I come over, hoping for food!

    11) I never owned a bubble-eye goldfish, but goldfish are great because they are large and friendly! And the actual care is easy, you just have to know a lot of stuff. So for care, I would say 7 because you have to do a 25% water change once a week, and lugging buckets of water isn't the most fun lol.

    I hope I helped!

    Source(s): Three aquariums. A small pond (upgrading). Too many fish to count, including a fantail and oranda (plus the oranda at my grandmother's house). Lots of research, experience and love for fish!
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    Bubble Eye Goldfish

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    The bubbles on the Water-Bubble Eye Goldfish begin to develop at an age of 6-9 months and by the time they are 2 years old, the bubbles are very large. Their water-filled bubbles get so big the fish has trouble seeing and has a hard time even swimming because of them. The sacs themselves are easily broken and heal slowly or not at all. They are also subject to infection. The Water-Bubble Eye Goldfish are considered delicate and not recommended as a beginner fish because of the reasons described above. BUBBLE-EYED fish to interact with or they get depressed. The more you have in one tank, the happier they all are. the biggest problem, the doom of many bubble-eyed: the filter-intake! First of all, bubble-eyed are shy and like to hide in plants alot. hence, do not place hidden in some plants. Also, most importantly, cover it with a piece of NYLON (do not use tape, it may poison the water) nylon will not obstruct water flow and in case the bubble-eyed gets a cheek in the filter, it is soft enough and thick enough to relatively leave him unharmed, maybe a little bloodshot cheek. I am not an expert and this is only based on my experience. If possible keep these fish only with other bubble-eyes or celestial goldfish as they have a hard time competing for food. Although it may be cute to see your fish swimming on it's back, this is a sign of poor water quality or incorrect diet so please make sure you do your homework. Bubble-eyes can live for up to 15 years (and over!) so please make sure you research and provide the best possible environment for your fish.

  • Kitty
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    10 years ago

    They will be fine alone if you give them lots to do but if you add another a 30-40 gallon tank is needed but yes a 20 gallon is correct for one as a minimum.

    Food wise any goldfish pellets (not flake I will explain later) there are many about youget what you can get hold of. Treat wise use blood worm, tubifex and cooked skinned peas.

    They are prone to swim bladder and eye infections, flakes increase chance of swim bladder though goldfish ae usually hardy fish.

    Silk plants are suggested as they are softer or even real plants if you can provide light, if kept alone a good light cycle will help its mental wellbeing. Live plants are also beneficial but not needed. Keep decoration smooth and give it places to explore and hide but do not crowd the tank, put decor the the back to give open swimming space at the front.

    Never place fish taks in direct sunlight or near windows and doors. Put it in a quiet stable place and on a surface that will take the weight of the aquarium.

    Care wise? 6/10 Goldfish are messy and need alot of cleaning and large tanks but make loverly smart fish to keep and if given right care can live up to 40. I have 6 and love them all to bits despite their high cleaning demands.

    Tips Get a filter that cleans tanks double the volume of the one you use to help take the waste. Use a siphon and gravel so dirt is cleaned out easier and get a net to scoop out solid dirt on changes and uneaten food.

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    1. If you can get another goldfish like a Black Moor or other fancy goldfish that needs special care you can do it. You don't want to add a fast comet or common in the same tank with your bubbly.

    2. donno about tank brands, you can google it

    3. expect about 10 inches max

    4. fresh vegetables and fruit. feed it(or them) once a day what they can eat in 2 mins.

    5. they have to look healthy and swim smooth, the store must be clean etc

    7. no sharp objects and if you add plants, be careful because its sacs can get scratched

    8. water temperature over 60 degrees F

    9. don't place tank in sun light, this results algae

    9'. probably, but it takes time

    10. about ~~7

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