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i had a very long dream and i could use some help interpreting it.?

the dream starts with me as an adult man in my childhood dining room . im looking outside and seeng a lot of storm damage. there are about eight tree limbs that have fallem some very big . a few have hit peoples cars but they didnt hit mine. i go outside to try to clean up the damage. and we begin to salvage the things left over. it turns into a kind of yard sale where books and music are being sold by others for really cheap prices. i settle on a few items although im hoping for some better music and check out. i stay around though to help the guy running it and find some other things that i want. the boss tells some people there that they can get there stuff when they get their paychecks but not until then . i notice that i have enough money to get the items i want. im leaving but i see the boss and another worker look at each other and celebrate their success at the sale. they shout something like incredible or imminent personal power. not sure what the exact phrase was . thats when i woke up. suggestions?

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    This dream seems to be about drawing valuable insights from your own past.

    The opening scene in your childhood dining room sets the theme. It relates to your personal past, and specifically to the place and time where you received nourishment.

    The storm damage suggests past traumas. It may be that you have viewed your childhood and youth only from the perspective of the damage done. But as the dream changes to the yard sale, it demonstrates that you can find valuable things in your past. You are helping the guy running the yard sale, so perhaps you will need to put some effort into sorting through your memories to determine what is worth keeping and what you do not need to dwell on. The "boss" and other workers could be people who can help you in this effort.

    The dream goes to some detail to show that you have the resources you need to retrieve your treasured memories. And the phrase you heard - "incredible personal power" - hints at the strength you will gain from reclaiming your past.

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    maybe a reflection on your childhood or something...the damage could be a tattered past

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