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What type of dog would suit me (and fammily) best?


So im a 14 year old boy who is really wanting a dog...i am gonna take care of it well.i live buy this long walkway so i could walk it like atleast 4 miles a day(if neccisary)

I have a 6 year old sister so it should be good with kids. i have an older brother who has allergies to alot of thing so we dont need anything that sheds to much...little or no shedding would be fine.

I also wants something that looks pretty cool like the Basenji haha..

so if you know the best suitable dog breeds to fit us i would highly appriciate it thanks.


this is not my first dog...and we wont something not stubborn and easy to train

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    I would suggest a Greyhound. More specifically, a retired racing Greyhound. These dogs were trained to race and many in unloving conditions. So they should be eager to love your family. And it should not be a problem with your little sister because they become very attached to their owners. And as to the shedding, Greyhounds have very short hair. Very short. So allergies should be a problem. These dogs do love to be outside, so that walkway that you mentioned should also be a routine visit. Although it should remain on a leash AT ALL TIMES because Greyhounds can be semi-unpredictable and will pounced at a squirrel more often than another dog. During the winter months, a sweater or coat should be worn on the dog (because of the short hair.

    At home, Greyhounds are VERY easy to house break and many of these rescue dogs come house broken. Many people think that Greyhounds think of the household as an extension of their personal space and therefore they would not soil it.

    Adopting a Greyhound is a great experience that is very rewarding. Please, talk to your parents about it, and do some research before you make your desicion. :D

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    Don't get a Shih Tzu or Bichon Frise, they're snappy dogs. In my dealings with dogs i have been bit extra by Shih Tzus than every other breed. So they are obviously not good for youngsters, IMO. Cocker Spaniels, as others have suggested, are uncommon dogs for your atmosphere. That you could opt for an English or American. I in my view have a Siberian Husky, a medium sized breed, and she is exotic with my youngster. She doesn't bark almost always at all. She requires plenty of brushing and plenty of pastime and lots of room. That's normal for her breed. American Eskimo dogs and Finnish Spitz are additionally Northern breeds and relatively smaller than a Husky. Eskimo dogs are also excessive vigor puppies and require lots of activity and get very lonely if left on my own for long durations of time. Beagles are quality companion dogs. They are very loyal and playful and have a melodic howl but don't bark generally. They are able to be just a little stubborn to train, although. Before you convey a puppy or dog house be certain that every body within the family desires a new member and can comply with support handle him/her. Puppies usually are not meant to be accessories and require a lifestyles lengthy commitment. Some breeds have a lifestyles expectancy of 10-15 years. I owned a Beagle and he or she lived 18 years. Maintain in mind that you just do not want a pedigree or papers to have a exclusive pet and family member. Appear at your nearby shelters and rescue companies. Pet shops and Flea Markets may have "purebred" doggies that appear adorable and worthy however down the line you may also find a lot of problems comparable to inbreeding. Just right good fortune to your pastime! I am hoping you discover a exotic lifestyles lengthy buddy!

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    I highly recommend a Golden Retriever! It is arguably the best dog ever! Extremely friendly with kids and loves anyone who is friendly, they are very easy to train and are good house and gaurd dogs. I hope you look in to getting a golden. Best of luck with ur dog(:

    Source(s): I have a 4 year old Golden Retriever named Comet(: Best dog in the world(:
  • Your family should meet with several different dogs to see which breed is least likely to aggravate his allergies.

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    Is this your first dog?

    EDIT: I suggest a Portuguese Water dog.

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    What about a golden retriever they are awesome and love children and would definitely love you.

    Good Luck!

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    lab retriever or a golden retriever. either one is a great dog for your family.

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