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apparently 77.6% of statistics are of no practical use to society, what do we do about this?

I read in the international statistical committee's annual report on the plight of useless statistics that 77.6% of statistics collected between 2003 and 2009 were deemed "drivel", "of no practical use to society" and "contribute nothing to the knowledge of mankind and do not help people in their everyday lives".

The report was very in depth, they collected over 800,000 statistics through the 6 years to end end of 2009, and each was carefully examined by an international consortium of 1000 researchers and scientists over a further 2 year period to analyse whether or not they are actually useful for people to know, and also how much time researches waste on these apparently useless results coming from 77.6% of statistics.

What do you think about this apparent danger, should we be worried? Or does it not matter? Apparently allot of those statistics were found to have been the result of often years of data collection and thousands of subjects. Seems like a bit of a waste of people's resources.


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    There should be more studies like this to expose what a waste of time it all is.

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