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Suitable environment for discus?

i have a small blue diamond discus in a small aquarium

i am 14 years old and have 6 years of fish experience

i have several extra tanks

i started my hobby with my own funds and still do

One day my father comes home with a 3 inch blue diamond discus with stunted growth huge eyes and an elongated shape

I was in distress to fill up a new tank

and blamed him for not asking me about buying a discus

i performed extensive Research

and need to make a suitable environment for the discus

i have time and funds

can and experienced discus keeper answer some of my questions

suitable tank size for discus

amount of water changes(i am willing to perform daily changes)

how to make a suitable environment for them (bare bottomed tank is favourable)

how to avoid stressing him out

His current tank is ht.20cm length-30cm breath-20cm

the discus is three inches

it is a bare bottomed tank with a heater-sponge filter-2 live plants no gravel

NOTE-his eyes change clour when stressed


There arent any more discus fish available and where i live there is no such thing as ph testing kits for sale in the country

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    Discus need very clean water with no ammonia, and nitrite and need soft acidic water. I keep mine about ph 6.5

    You can order all the test kits off the internet. I'd consider getting a bigger tank if you intend keeping it long term. They can grow to the size of a dinner plate so it will need more space eventually.

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    If the discus was not stunted, you'd need a 15-20 gal for 1 or 2 adult discus. But how small/stunted is it? and why do you think it's stunted? Water changes aren't necessary very often. Most people over do water changes. If your tanks aren't cloudy, your fish are holding their color and swimming and eating normally, then 20-25% every two weeks. That is all tropical fish. Now some people think discus are more delicate - but no more so than most tropicals.

    A bare bottom tank is the way most breeders of discus keep them. A pair of adults in a 15 gal tank. If you keep them in a planted aquarium, you'd want 3-5 in a 55 gal tank for best display.

    To prevent stress would be not to make sudden moves in front of the tank, don't tap the glass, and if it starts banging around - acting crazy, then turn off the light and move away.. This will calm any fish.

    Don't worry about pH.. If your fish are healthy they will adapt to most every water source. I never test pH, for fish liking alkaline or hard water, I use crushed coral.. For acid or soft waters, I put drift wood in the tank.

    Good luck

    Source(s): 50+ years, breeding, raising and selling fresh water tropical fish
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    You current tank is alittle too small for a 3 inch discuss, but since it's a surprise for you too I guess it's okay to keep him there for awhile. Do you have any larger tank with tropical fishes, you can put it in there until you find something larger, and since it's already cycled/established you have less worry of Ammonia, just need to do more frequent water change to maintain the quality.

    A 10 gallon (60cm by 30cm by 45cm ht) should be minimum. A planted tank would be best, and pH should not be too high (hope your water is not too hard since you don't have a kit). Normally once a tank is cycled the pH tends to drop a little and that suitable for discuss.

    The standard practice of cycling applies but since the fish is already here and you probably want to put it in the tank while you cycle, you'll need to make more water change until the nitrogen cycle is established. You can put your current filter to speed up the cycling and use the same heater assuming it strong enough for a larger 10 gallon tank.

    Otherwise discus is just like other tropical fish.

  • Anonymous
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    Your tank is a little small but sounds like it works okay for your discus fish.

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